How to Coach from Soul ~ 3 Key Pillars

In this interview with Suzanne Beukema for ‘In the Spotlight’, I share The 3 key pillars that show you How to Coach from Soul.

Topics that we cover are:

~ What is Soul-based Coaching?

~ How is SBC different from all other coaching methods out there?

~ Why is it so important to NOT let our minds run the show in SBC

~ The first key pillar: Holding space

~ The second key pillar: Essential Questions

~ What is the most important Question to ask?

~ The third key pillar: opening up to the magic of personal metaphors

~ Where does Annemiek get her knowledge and wisdom from?

~ How can people learn more about Soul Based Coaching?

~ Is this only for new coaches or also for experienced coaches?


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Free training: Get Started with Soul-based Coaching

In 5 emails with video’s, an ebook and meditation, you will learn:

  • Why Holding Space is our foundation ~ instead of taking responsibility to fix clients
  • Why Holding Space for yourself is essential as a coach ~ and how to do it (with meditation)
  • The three key pillars of Soul-based Coaching and how you can start using them
  • Where Soul-based Coaching came from
  • And what the soul has to do with Soul-based Coaching ~ how it is not affiliated with any belief system and how their soul helps our clients to tap into their deepest knowing

And as a bonus, join the free live online workshop, so you can experience Soul-based Coaching for yourself!