“I’ve learned how I have an opinion (about everything) on automatic pilot – and that shocked me!! I have learned to be more humble, to relax. I am allowing other people to be who they are now – and then they start making the change they want! …”

One of our students was sharing this week how learning to be a Soul-based Coach is changing her life dramatically.

Opinions.. they are so natural to have!!

People tend to hold on to their opinions as part of their identity. They are security blankets disguised as ‘truths’ 

The interesting thing is, that they are one of the biggest blocks for actual Truth (yes, capital ‘t’).

Because the actual Truth, the voice of your client’s soul, speaks itself in the moment. And in between the moments.

It is not set in stone. It can flow and change. It is subtle and strong. It is responsive to the greater field of life itself. It is Shakti, life’s creative energy, that is always wanting to shape your client’s life in alignment with what she is here to do.

So.. as a coach, your job is to allow this Truth to surface, and not get in the way of it’s unfolding. And to provide a strong riverbed for your clients unfolding at the same time. Not allowing their personal patterns to get in the way either.

Most women are very familiar with their inner critic. It’s often allowed to tear down their well-being. It takes a lot of attention and management. (I saw some quotes from Oprah, Maya Angelou, Jodie Foster this week, all worrying about them not being good enough, even at the height of their careers! Really, we all do it!!)

And it’s important to see that your opinions about others (as well informed as they may be by your schooling, and even your life and professional experience), are an extension of this. A need to categorise and place a value judgment on what is happening for the person you are supporting right now.

And, without that being your intention, you are trapping them into truth.

What if you could invite them to connect to their Truth instead?
What if you can learn to truly be in service of their transformation?

I can promise you, magic is waiting for you on the other side of those questions.

On January 30th, doors close for our Soul-based Coaching program Invoke Your Client’s Magic.

And you can be part of it!

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