Remember The Matrix? I haven’t seen it in a long time.

But this week, I keep thinking of ‘Follow the white rabbit’. It’s the advice Neo receives when it’s time to wake up, right at the start of the movie.

It’s what leads to the fight for survival of the ‘awake’ people in a world of deceit and exploitation.

‘Follow the White Rabbit’ is also in Alice in Wonderland.

Where Alice sees the rabbit with his waistcoat and watch jump down the rabbit hole, and she can’t help but follow. And the adventure starts.

It’s such a beautiful metaphor for our work: We follow our clients down their own rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole straight into their own soul’s imagery.

A world of metaphors that seem curious to the conscious mind, but make perfect sense for our client. And then we work directly with these metaphors, in a way that unlocks all the magic that is available.

Which is a lot.

It shifts and transmutes exactly what needs shifting and transmuting. As is shown by the metaphors themselves.

And we are the guides. We hold space for the adventure, the process of becoming.

We are there to help our client follow the white rabbit, and not get distracted for too long at the tea party. To not get too scared of the ‘Off with her head’ queen.

We help our clients integrate and include all the parts that need healing, or simply need to be aligned differently for what they long for.

We help our clients deal with their problems in their own unique way and they regain a part of themselves that was lost, or just ready to start blooming.

It’s magical work, that requires solid skills.

And it works directly with what is most potent: the full powers of the conscious and subconscious minds combined.

Imagine that.

Helping your clients access 100% of their power and potential.

Instead of the usual 8% (actual number depends a little bit on what research you want to believe. It doesn’t surpass 10% though).

Resulting in things like:

  • new jobs,
  • finding of the path of purpose,
  • stop smoking,
  • changing the way to grow a business,
  • stop playing small and standing in the light,
  • changing the relationship with grief
  • welcoming new puppies in the house
  • aligning in every sense of the word.

What would that do for the people you want to serve? For your sense of confidence? And what would that do for your business?

I am so excited to help you follow your White Rabbit!!

It will show the way to your unique unfolding.

And let’s have lots of (tea?) parties along the way.

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Much love,