Something happened that shook her in a big way in her coach training. It touched on old stuff. It sent her into a tailspin and it made her lose her confidence and her spark for Soul-based Coaching.

So of course we asked her what she wanted to have happen and how we could best support her. And she wanted some help to get back in love with the process as a coach. She wanted her spark back.

So we met.

At the beginning of our call, the idea of asking me, her practice client, questions was terrifying for her: “Like a cliff diver having to go over the edge”.

I could see her eyes tearing up, her breath high and quick. This was big.

And then she did it. She asked me what it’s like to be serving at my best. And oh my, did I get a sacred gift from this short 7 min practice exercise. Being her client.

It brought me to tears of happiness and gratitude, and it brought me insights that were very new. Insights that mark a new level of initiation in life for me. – But that’s not what this post is about.

She was in awe of what happened. (None of it planned – I couldn’t if I tried.)

And she said:

“It reminded me of what a sacred space we hold.
It showed me that the tools are still in me.
And that the effect for you, my client, is there, and it’s not dependent on my fears, or worries.
It shows me that all I have to do, is get out of the way.”

The spark is back.

And she will be one tender, gentle and powerful coach. When she is ready. She can travel her path with lots of grace.

And it all left me with more tears of gratitude.

She wanted her spark back. And she got maximum sacredness happening.

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Much love,