In what stage are you, 

and what are your next steps? 

Do you want to be a Rockstar or are you more of a Midwife? It turns out, that as a coach, people go through different stages.

The people that come to us for Soul-based Coach training, come from wildly different backgrounds and experience levels. From people who are literally just getting started, to very experienced coaches and therapists.

Of course, that made me wonder why they all come to us.

And this is when I started to see the Life Cycle of the Coach. Five stages from Seedling to Sage. Each stage with its own distinct experience. And clear insights into what is needed to progress through the stages. 

Let’s find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. 




5. The Sage 



When you are the Sage, paradoxically, it’s easy for you not to coach. 

You can leave people their space. You are not in a hurry. You are happy to share your wisdom – sparingly.

You have spent a lot of time coaching your clients. You have spent a lot of time learning about yourself as a coach, where you are guiding at your best, and where you are taking over responsibility that isn’t yours. 

And even though you have solid coaching skills, the way you hold your state & the qualities in the energy you radiate are what is most potent for your clients. And that’s not something you DO, it’s who you have become in your path of becoming more and more in integrity with yourself. 


Your ongoing learning journey as a coach is a big part of what made this happen. 

You will just keep doing what you do. Continue to learn and grow. It’s who you are. 


Your options:

Your next step will be shown by following your curiosity. Will we see you in our Soul-based Coaching community? I promise you, that even with all the work you have done, there is a field to explore that takes you beyond where you are now..  


Your next step:

  • Are you The Sage? 
  • What do you recognise from this stage?
  • Where is your curiosity driving you next?
  • And what will be your next step? 


What Soul-based Coaching can offer you 

We have seen over the years that Soul-based Coaching offers coaches and coaches-in-training in all parts of the Coach’s Life Cycle tremendous gifts. 

These are a few of them:

A deepening of your alignment with yourself, so that you are rooted even better in who you are, and follow your inner wisdom like never before. We will see you shine!!!

A deepening of your work, with a new understanding of life, and how clients make changes. New tools to do that with ease and a grace that wasn’t there before.

And a deepening of your sense of purpose, that is not defined by what you do in the world or your level of material success. (Material success in itself is great, it’s just not the measure your soul uses to define success.)


If you want to know more: 

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What do you know now? 

Now that you are familiar with the model, what do you know now about yourself, and about coaching? 

I’d love to hear from you, including all your questions!

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