Are you a coach? Or are you thinking of becoming one?

The people that come to us for Soul-based Coach training, come from wildly different backgrounds and experience levels. From people who are literally just getting started, to very experienced coaches and therapists.

Of course, that made me wonder why they all come to us.

And this is when I started to see the Life Cycle of the Coach. Five stages from Seedling to Sage. Each stage with its own distinct experience. And clear insights into what is needed to progress through the stages. 

Let’s find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. 


1. The Seedling 


As the Seedling you love having in-depth conversations with people about what’s going on for them. 

Do people always come to you with their questions? Do you love helping them?

But is your question: do I want to be a coach?

Chances are this is you!

As a Seedling you have always been incredibly curious about how people do their stuff, how they get themselves in trouble or about the great solutions people find. You may do a lot of reading. Following coaches or healers you admire.

You value your own life challenges for what they have brought you.

And you will come to the point, where you ask yourself: “Do I want to ‘do’ something with this? Make this official?” 

Often the questions that follow quickly are: But: Can I do that? How? Will I succeed? What will everyone think? And can I do this is a way that makes sense to me?

It may be time to decide: “I want to take action. I want to honour this call inside me.”

The choice you make next determines what path you will take…


Your Options: 

Are you more comfortable with the Masculine paradigm of logical analysis, action steps and ‘making things happen’? Are you more comfortable with the Feminine paradigm? Inviting the deep wisdom of the body and the chaos of creation?

Or do you want a combination of both?

Most people that have gone into coaching chose the road led by the Masculine paradigm. Often because they were not aware there is a different way.  

That choice will lead you to the Fixer/Fixster. 

You get there by starting to invest a lot of energy into reading books, watching things like Oprah or Dr Phil, watching Youtube videos by Abraham Hicks and taking a first coach training.

The alternative is to choose to go towards the Midwife or Life Doula. 

People that are hearing this Soul’s calling often start by training in a healing modality like Reiki or cranio-sacral work. But you can also choose to immerse yourself in Soul-based Coaching if you crave embodiment but feel you want to help people by doing more than ‘just’ physical work.

Your next step:

  • Are you a Seedling? 
  • If so, what do you recognise from this stage? 
  • Are you ready to say ‘Yes!’ to this call? 
  • And which path do you want to take? 


Click through to 2. The Fix(s)ter or download the full PDF here:



Find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. Download the PDF now.