How to realign body, mind and soul: Mermaids and Whales meet the top executive A mind that no longer has to do it alone

by | Feb 5, 2021

“Wow… that was amazing… intense… bizarre… and amazing…”

In the Shakti Dharma Initiation coaching process, my gorgeous powerhouse client was catching her breath at the end of our session. 

And then she said: “And now my mind wants to know what to do with it all..!”  

The metaphoric journey that we had been on had her travel with a whale, a mermaid and the primeval tone. 

It had taken her through multiple iterations of unfolding that meant that she had been the whale, had ridden the back of the whale, was the mermaid, swam with the mermaids, saw the mermaid, and had her in her heart. 

She had flown across the world and across time. 

And her body had spontaneously started to realign her (physical) core, helping her find a new balance. 

(It’s an absolute honour to witness as a coach.)

But now, her mind wanted to know what to do with it. How to action this. 

She is a successful business woman, who supports entrepreneurs to fly high. And she is ready to enter into her next level.

So of course her mind wants to understand. 

This was the perfect cherry on the cake for her. 

In the session, her body and soul had been realigning and healing. She could go deep, fast. But her mind needed to catch up and be connected. 

So today her mind learned that it doesn’t have to do things alone. That it can communicate with the whale and the mermaid. That they were always there, trying to guide and cooperate with the mind. 

Image credit: Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Deck

But her mind had been in that space where we often place our minds: the chief, the one that should know all and try to control it all. It was under the illusion it had to be the one to decide on the course and take action. It thought that without it, nothing would work. 

When her mind realised what is possible now, together with the whale and the mermaid, the tears of relief came: “There is no need to do it all by myself.” 

Of course she knew that on a conceptual level. But now her mind knows

(And of course, the inner dynamic plays out in her outer life too. Guess what card she drew at the beginning of our session? Soul Family ~ Time to call in your soul tribe and support).

I’m excited to see how her journey will continue.

This dynamic between the mind, body and soul is something we often see in our Soul-based Coaching sessions. Each client does it in their own way. Realigning their connections is an important part of calling in the changes that our clients want to see in their lives. 

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