Do you ever ask yourself that?

So many of our participants and coaches did when they were considering taking the plunge.

I certainly did, 17 years ago.

But here is the thing:

We need you.

We need midwives.

We are in the era of humans where the biggest shifts are waiting and we won’t get there thinking our old thoughts and clinging to our old systems.

We need change.

And if you feel called, then you are part of this change, you are part of the pioneers. Even if you have no clue how those changes should happen.

Isn’t it super interesting that so many healers are stepping up and getting themselves ready to serve?

From a system’s perspective, looking at the whole, it makes complete sense.

If you were birthing a new way of being, would you try and make it happen with just one person who can do the job? No!! You want many many many who can help support each other.

What happens when you look at your calling like that?

That changes everything, right?

There is divine knowing running through you. Trust it.

And then find the skillset that makes you confident that you can support that call. Or maybe you already have..

If you want to know if Soul-based Coaching is the right choice for you, just let me know and we can book an exploration call.



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