Priestessing to me is fully embodied alchemy


Many people have asked me over the years what it means to me, to identify as a Priestess.

It is so close to my heart, so intimate. The words usually escape me. Here is a start, these words came pouring from my pen last night:

Priestessing to me

is fully embodied alchemy

it doesn’t live in flowy dresses, tribal tattoos or crystals

it’s not young and white, or majestically Black shining on IG

it’s not about performance and what it looks like on the outside

It’s ancient and intimate

It’s in feeling the storm outside

rage in my every cell

It’s recognising the throbbing in my vulva

as Her heartbeat

The cycles of my womb

as the cycles of Her tides

The breath I’m breathing

as our intimate embrace

life giving

feeling the heat of the sun

burst out of my heart

the radiance of the stars

shine from my third eye

the glow of the moon

reflected on my bare breasts

Her body of love

under my feet

Priestessing is in the everything and the in-between

It’s as much in reading the paper

feeding the dog

walking my girl to school

and making hot sweaty love with my man

as it is in lighting candles

my prayers

my devotion

my showing up in service where I am called every day

Sometimes I forget

not everyone lives like that

with this sweet, hot, raging

thunder & lightning

intimate connection

where all is one

it’s not without pain

but it’s so full of life, purpose, joy and love

and I bow to it all


Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash