How can we tell that we listen well?

by | Feb 2, 2023

[NEW podcast episode Soul-based Coaching Whispers: The Four levels of Listening]


We all agree that listening is one of the most important skills as a coach. 

So here is an interesting question: how can you tell you listen well? 


Part of honing and developing your coaching skills is about becoming aware of the subtle parts of the coaching process, and how you know what you do is working for your client at any given moment. 

Experienced coaches often say ‘well, I feel it’, or ‘it’s intuitive’. 

But it’s really interesting to start to find out more about that intuition, and where it comes from. 

Because you will find that there are observable signals and behaviours that you pick up on. And once you become aware of them, you can also start to see where you may miss signals, and where your interpretation can be upgraded.

That’s exciting!! 

Because this is where you can grow their skills considerably, making it less hard work and more co-creation with their clients. 

Today, a new podcast episode is released on the Four Levels of Listening and the relationship with Holding Space. You can see The Four Levels of listening, in the image at the top of this page. It is a model that Otto Scharmer identifies in Theory U. In the podcast I’m joined by Judith Peters, Certified Soul-based Coach and long time facilitator of transformation in organisations. We have a rich conversation about something that seems so obvious. 

If you’d like to expand your awareness around listening, find Soul-based Coaching Whispers on your favourite podcast platform or listen to it on our website

One of the most exciting parts of this conversation is that it points to conditions for emergence: for things, ideas, changes, to be born that did not exist before. 

This is the hallmark of Soul-based Change, and what we expect to happen in our sessions. We are leaning into an emergent future.

As Judith says: “This is why we are here. This is the job. Opening the door for the future.”

Have a listen and let us know your thoughts!


Find Judith on LInkedIn or her website, she works in English and German.



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