My mum is a Modern Mystic – and you?

by | Apr 4, 2023

Most modern mystics spend a lot of time figuring out their relationship to ‘that which is within us all and yet is bigger than any of us’.

It often takes a while before we dare to talk about it as the Divine – whatever that label means to us. Because on the surface of our secular societies, spirituality seems to definitely not be ‘professional’. Certainly not in ‘down-to-earth’, ‘just behave normally, that’s crazy enough’ Holland.

I distinctly remember that it took me more than two years to update my LinkedIn profile to add my new business name “The Academy for Soul-based Coaching”. And even then I did it with sweaty palms.

(And that was after I’d been on my own journey of spiritual development for more than 15 years, was a trained energy healer, fire keeper for sweat lodges, hosted rituals and found my own personal rhythm. None of these things were meant to be seen in public, outside of the spiritual communities I was part of.)

We have to find our own way.

Many of us are not born into traditions that are aligned with what we know and feel to be true. And we have to find our own way. So we grow up, cut off from our collective spiritual legacy.

The legacy that includes knowing your energetic place in the web of Life. How to perceive and tend to that web that connects us all.

How to work with energy. How to mould and shape our place in Life in between the layers of that which you can touch with your hand right now.

The various healing modalities that mystics throughout the ages have developed.

We happen to stumble on a woman’s circle at a time when we feel a need for deeper connection, or a Full moon ritual at a time in our life when we are intrigued and crave more depth. We hear someone talk about Reiki attunements.

Luckily, there are many bread crumbs that can lead us back to the core:

This deeper connection with Self, Source and the context we are inextricably part of: our communities and the rest of our natural world.

But it’s not a path that we are applauded for by the ‘regular world’. It often feels like being the weed (or, depending on the feelings of the latest ritual, the rare, splendid, but tender flower) growing against the grain.

My mum wouldn’t tell you she is a mystic.

She’s a happy grandmother who’s seen many ups and downs in her life that centred around her family.

But she followed her spiritual call with great devotion. Attending a church she feels aligned with. Active in shaping and supporting that community. Studying and graduating with a thesis on Mary Magdalen after we’d left home. Now studying Hebrew to be able to read original biblical texts and decipher the nuanced layers of meaning that we lose in translation.

She chose her own path.

When she talks about it, she lights up from her core.

And me?

I wasn’t necessarily paying attention to that side of her growing up. (I know mum, kids are ungrateful beings!). The church wasn’t really my place, although I could feel important things happening there energetically.

It wasn’t until much later that I could see why it wasn’t my place. There was another path that was calling me, a Priestess path that comes with the need to revive our sovereignty.

Everything that I experienced on this spiritual path, opened up new insights and knowing. Helped me access wisdom that was stored in my bones.

And the more that happened, the less satisfied I was with my corporate coaching skills and processes.

Because sometimes, almost out of the blue, that deep layer of knowing would open for a client, and that would be amazing: so much more impact and depth.

But back then, I had no steer over that. It happened when it happened. 

And this is why I am so happy that we can now train you in Soul-based Coaching.

Because you don’t have to choose between old school professional coaching skills or a spiritual approach:

Soul-based Coaching is professional coaching, with the healing power and depth of a Shamanic journey.

We teach you how to offer clients the reliable magic of transformation. Without your clients – or you – having to have a particular spiritual belief system.

Because that layer, that feels like home, that you tap into with your spiritual practice – every human being has access to that, in their own way.

It is a field of information that is directly linked to Shakti, our life force energy. And that information shows itself in exactly the right way for the client to be able to make the changes they want to make.

Stepping into the craft of becoming a Soul-based Coaching practitioner is an initiation. It opens a new way of seeing and a new way of being with your clients.

One that is dearly needed today. A world without attention for the unseen realms has a very hard time staying healthy and functioning.

Do you feel that call in your bones too?

I’d love to hear about it!

And you can start your journey to become a Soul-based Coaching practitioner by downloading our popular Ebook or sign up for our Love Letters, that include regular invitations to taster events and courses. 

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