Free online Workshop with Annemiek van Helsdingen, founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching for coaches, healers and helpers:

How to Hold Space for transformation in coaching and healing, and get deeper results without getting in the way

February 16 at 8 pm CET (Europe)


Discover how to invoke and support people’s transformation

Deepen your ability to Hold Space,

and never get in the way again of people’s biggest resource again:

their Shakti flow.

It’s the force that literally moves mountains

and it’s responsible for every big change in life.

Imagine helping people tap into that.

Join us 

February 16th, 8 pm CET (Europe) 2 pm EST ~ 11 am PST 

Your guide

Annemiek van Helsdingen

For over ten years, I have used powerful tools to help hundreds and hundreds connect to their soul wisdom, and make the transformations they wanted. Without me being ‘the expert on them’, without my clients needing to depend on their logical mind or will power.

As a fully trained facilitator, Soul-based coach, trainer of Soul-based coaches, healer & priestess, I offer you some of the skills and tools to truly allow the magic of transformation. Because transformation is not anything we do. It’s what our clients do. We are there to hold space.

Holding Space is at the heart of all transformation. It is where our client’s natural abilities to heal and grow come centre stage and amazing things happen. In Holding Space+ we take it one step further.

We walk the edge of accelerating their process, but without getting in the way of their biggest resource: their Shakti – life energy- flow.

Join us live & discover

  • How to better align what you do for your clients and what you want for your clients, so that they embrace their power every step of the way, and you feel confident and at ease, knowing that you are supporting nature’s transformation path.
  • Where you are hindering that flow of natural transformation in your current work with clients, so that you can make different choices, should you want to.
  • What Holding Space+ can bring you and your clients, by diving into the magic of transformation with us, which is (the good kind of) messy, unpredictable, soul fuelled and wholesome.
  • A new perspective and new tools that will instantly open the portals to additional ways of serving your clients. Even if you are very experienced.

“Annemiek is a powerful woman whose passion to teach is just one of her many gifts.

– Prue Addy


“With these tools, there are no limits to where you can explore, what you can create and how you can transform your world.”

Steph Diepering

Yoga Teacher & therapist

I hold space every day for my clients, my beloveds and certainly my children. Some days are filled with all the magic that holding good space can open and others not as much. I adore all of the beautiful detail that you articulated around art of holding space, all that it is, what it isn’t, the practices of staying present to the magic of the process and trusting it’s unfolding. So beautifully done. I am sharing with the coaches that I coach and my community of coach-sisters as well.

Mariah Soloy Belt

Trainer of coaches & Coach

How our live online training works

real life, real value

This is a free, online, live taught workshop.

All you need to participate is a computer, laptop, or tablet (some even manage with their smartphone), preferably with a webcam. 

We dive straight in.

This is not just listening to someone talking. I facilitate this mini Coaching Gem so you can participate wholeheartedly. We explore Holding Space+ together, in the moment.

There is no recording.

The number of participants is limited, to make sure we have an intimate and safe space to practice, and I can offer you personal feedback.   

As seen in:

Save your seat today

So you too can deepen your ability to hold space,

and start to accelerate your client’s process,

so that the transformation that your clients can experience

grows with you.

Join us 

February 16 at 8 pm CET (Europe)  ~ 2 pm EST ~ 11 am PST ~