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Feel the calling to become a coach?

(but don’t like the
coaching industry much?)

Then this is your opportunity!

Become the Soul-based Coach who helps

clients create effortless change

(not the coach who wants to fix clients,

saying “You can do it if you want it!” from the sideline)

I am already living my dream! This gave me the clarity I was looking for. I can offer my clients an amazing package, and I am fully booked

– Jenny Schoenmann

This 1-year coaching certification
is created for all healers, coaches and therapists.

No matter if you’ve done lots of certifications, trainings, vision quests and full moon initiations…

… or you’re a healer-in-hiding, working as an out-of-place professional at a firm with a familiar name…

The Certification training far exceeded my expectations

I wanted coaching skills and started to look at the ICF trainings. And then I found Invoke and I knew this was it. The robustness of the method, the quality of the materials, the personal touch from the trainers, the community, the way it challenges me to let go of my inner perfectionist and step into not knowing. I am so happy, it couldn’t have been more perfect. ~ Paloma White, Coach

The unique coaching modality we’re about to share with you,

will help you support your clients in changing their lives –

holding space for MAGICAL transformation.

When you allow clients to connect with their deepest knowing, 

there is MAGIC waiting there.

Because that is where Shakti, Life’s creative intelligence, is shaping their experience.

Shakti is what creates our world. Literally.

The most powerful creation power in the Universe.

And in Soul-based Coaching, you learn to invite it, to guide the changes your client wants to make.

The process is unpredictable, joyful (even when the topic is hard for a client), creative .. and really exciting.

And most of all, it is 100% trustworthy to bring the results your clients long for.

It just asks you to Hold Space and become the midwife.

Offering firm river beds for the process to unfold.


This has been life-changing work for me

I have been assisting others in transformational work (as a therapist and then life coach) for over 30 years and this is the most effective method I have ever experienced. It creates such deep transformation so quickly; it really does feel like magic! ~ KamalaDevi, Therapist, Life Coach & Artist

It has changed me and my life so deeply.

I am so grateful that I found Soul-based Coaching!! The magic that happens for clients… It is humbling and deeply fulfilling.

– Adriana Petrone

Deep change and healing can also happen online

I wanted the same magic that happens when I work with a woman physically, to happen online. And now, it totally does! I can create a professional safe space and intimacy online. So thank you, I’m so grateful!! ~ Corinne Konrad Calder, Coach

Annemiek van Helsdingen, founder of the Academy

For over twenty years, I have been on a quest of how to support change for clients. Real, lasting change, aligned with their Soul’s integrity.

Many coaching methodologies fail: mainstream and alternative ones. They trample all over our clients’ own deep knowing and do not offer sustainable results.

With Clean Language (by David Grove) & Systemic Modelling (by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley), I found a major key. Very robust and great results. 

But there was still a missing piece… 

Through ongoing auto-immune problems, my Priestess-self became very clear: spirituality is not optional.

And then, everything clicked into place. Soul-based Coaching was born. 

No dogma, but an invitation for clients to bring to the table what their heart, soul, body & mind are longing for. And let Shakti, the creative life force that runs through them, take the lead. And we’ve seen deep, lasting, practical changes for 1000s of clients since. 

Imagine this:

You start your day with an email from someone who might like to work with you. You hop onto Zoom and have a thirty minute call together. With all the skills to engage her in conversation, you easily find out what the core of her issue is. And you give her a personal experience of what it’s like to work with you. She instantly feels it. This is not like anything else out there! She is enthusiastic and is hooked.

In the sessions that follow, the change she is looking for emerges. Her rational mind might not always understand what is happening, but she feels very clearly that she is on the right track every step of the way. You are interested, curious about how this change will manifest itself. You are 100% present for your client, and yet, you feel refreshed and inspired after each session.

Once she is done, she is done. You are happy to remind her how far she has come. She will be pleasantly surprised, because her change is already her new normal – so she hadn’t even realised!

And you are so happy for her results, and so happy to be able to serve your client so full of ease!

You are living your soul’s calling..

“I immediately felt this was the missing piece. I truly believe in the strength and knowledge in each of us, if you tap into this great source, magic happens. It brought changes in me as a person and in my work as a coach. It helps me to really listen, to trust the process and it makes my work and life so much easier.” 

–Audrey Claes, Social worker & Coach

 Invoke Your Client’s Magic

The Soul-based Coaching certification program


How you become a Soul-based Coach

  • Weekly short instruction videos & course manual
  • Live online meetings for questions, 1:1 practice and personal feedback for 9 months
  • Monthly live session on Tuesdays 2 pm CET (Europe)
  • Weekly live study pod sessions on Tuesdays 2 pm CET (Europe) with your dedicated trainer.
  • Weekly peer practice call, plus calls with practice clients when you are ready
  • Questions are welcome in our online community, with direct access to our trainers & Annemiek.
  • 3 months of Certification support
  • We build strong connections within our tribe. We do this together.
  • Starting Spring 2021!

The program helps you develop the skills AND the confidence you need.


The Program Content

The program offers a step-by-step learning experience, 

making it easy to step into the flow that Soul-based Coaching offers.

Topics include: 

Holding Space

  • Learn what it take to Hold Space
  • Become comfortable with not-knowing 
  • Learn to trust the client’s system and the process 
  • Include Sacred Space 
  • The power of presencing and yin healing
  • Continually deepen your ability to Hold Space and find your personal growing edges

Invoking Magic

  • Connect with the source of Soul-magic through metaphor
  • Magic inducing ‘Clean questions’ (by David Grove)
  • Find the fuel for transformations so that clients never gets stuck
  • Beginning & ending sessions in soul alignment
  • Always knowing your way in sessions – even when it’s in not knowing
  • Enable higher order transformations through working with patterns and systems
  • Take your clients from ‘talking about’ their issues, to ‘doing it in the moment’, drastically strengthening the effects of your coaching

Embedding transformation

  • The nature & power of Soul-based change
  • Interacting with transformation, dancing in the field of life force energy so that desired outcomes can become realised outcomes
  • Anchoring and embedding transformation within your clients, spreading the positive effects
  • Personal deep dive: experience Soul-based Coaching as a client to deepen your understanding, and work towards your own personal transformation of choice. You also start to work with actual clients.


  • Lots of practice to gather the flight hours you need to start working as a coach
  • Personal (live, online) supervision to build and hone your skills
  • The ethics of being a Soul-based Coach
  • How to go from contact to contract with your clients, touching on handling practical issues like contract, payments and scheduling.
  • Feedback on your client sessions
  • The possibility to take the certification exam, see below.
  • Personal deep dive: what do you need to do to start building a viable business?

After 9 months, you have learned the skills & tools to support soul-based transformation. You can invite the soul-based knowing of your clients in, and ride that wave through to the completion of their desired transformation. And you will spend time integrating and deepening your ability to apply all that you have learned. You can join a supervision group to guide you further.

When you are ready (usually within 1 year of starting the course), you can take the certification exam. For the exam, you hand in your coaching log, recorded client sessions, a reflection report and take a knowledge test about the skills you now master. When you pass the exam, you are a certified Soul-based Coach for the duration of one year. To keep your certification valid and your skills up-to-date, you participate in a supervision group, which includes paying a small yearly fee.


Meet the Team

Sharon Small (California), Judith van Oostrom (The Netherlands), Sigrun Saunderson (Austria), Annemiek van Helsdingen (founder, the Netherlands) and Eimear Stassin (Scotland) are all trainers in our Academy.

They bring a wealth of experience and various backgrounds, from cranio-sacral therapy, campfire facilitation and priestessing to corporate training, (clean language) coaching and group facilitation.

The VIP Packages

The VIP Packages optimises your learning to become a Certified Soul-based Coach. 

On top of the Invoke Program, you receive:

4 individual coaching sessions

To be used for personal or business development.

An incredible opportunity to deepen your understanding of the process you are learning, and couple it with substantial personal transformation.

    4 individual Supervision Sessions

    Where you receive in-depth feedback on your client sessions. In the program, there is opportunity to bring in client sessions for review and feedback. But we won’t have time to go into all sessions for everyone with this depth. This deep dive offers you exclusive time to look at the sessions you have with your clients, look at patterns in your facilitation and learn all there is to learn

      In the VIP Packages, you can choose to work with our trainers, or with Annemiek directly.

      BONUS 1 ~ Meditation pack

      The first bonus, is a collection of 7 of my favourite meditations. Downloadable in mp3.

      Meditation is a key practice in our weekly live sessions. It is an effective way to gather our energy and awareness, and helps you to rest in your own soul knowing. Learning becomes much easier this way!

      And, when you are working with clients, it does make a world of difference is you do a (short) meditation first. Either by yourself, or sharing it with your client.

      This meditation pack gives you key resources, that you can build on.

      BONUS 2: Skill deepening and business building bonus sessions (valued at €1595)

      I have gathered seven leaders in their field, to share their best content with you.

      The sessions are divided into two areas, building your soulful business, and deepening your skills:

      Building a soulful business

      Marloes Halmans ~ Turning your mission into your dream business. Marloes, business mentor, theta healer and director of career coaching agency The Happy at Work Agency shares her 8-step plan to building your coaching business. After this session you’ll walk away with a clear step by step actionable plan that you can implement straight away to get your business started or to propel it forward.

      Lindsay Pera is a tech entrepreneur and wellness “Inspirer-in-Chief” and a sought after contributor and motivator on all topics health, healing and transformation. Her new paradigm business community, The Mystic’s Society, is a safe haven for entrepreneurs weaving magic into their *work* in the world. She shares with you how to create Right Livelihood, where you are generously rewarded for your gifts.

      Elena Lipson, the Divine Self Care mentor, and successful entrepreneur, shares with you her best self-care routines that help your build a sustainable business.

      Sophie Jane Mortimer is a marketing and communications consultant for women changemakers and creatives. Her secret power is making marketing joyful, fun and easy. She’s helped grow audiences of over 270,000 to launch feminine leadership movements and her passion is supporting women to create wildly effective marketing that embraces our feminine nature and taps into Life’s creativity – to create real success; for ourselves, our work and our world.

      Skills Deepening

      Penny Tompkins is a leading author, psychotherapist and supervisor. She facilitates individuals in a wide range of organisations and teams. As one of the leading experts in the field, Penny shares her thoughts on ‘becoming comfortable with not knowing‘, and how we can find our way with this important aspect of Soul-based Coaching.

      Arthur Calnan is a psychiatrist and Buddhist teacher practising in the UK. He shares his expertise on Mental Health and Trauma, so you will be able to recognise potential common psychiatric health issues. Soul-based Coaching is not the answer to all and with his help, you will know how to make sure clients receive the care they need.

      Greta Irving is a therapist, healer and facilitator who works from the foundational belief that mind, body and spirit are one system, and that aligning these aspects of self brings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Her mission is to help people become more self aware, more embodied and to release the patterns and emotional imprints that keep us from peace and centredness. She is a registered Psychotherapist (UKCP), a Certified Facilitator and Assessor in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling and an experienced practitioner of energy therapies, healing and Heartmath.


      BONUS 3: Life-time Access to the Beyond Coaching Summits (valued at € 1395)

      In the Beyond Coaching Summits of 2018 & 2019, we had super inspiring women, all with a lot of personal and professional experience in bringing the Feminine into their lives and into their work. To name a few: Chameli Ardagh, Tash Mitch, Sophie Jane Mortimer, Kate Wolf and Kiva Schuler bring potent energetic transmissions, and a host of practical tips and tools to start applying straight away.

      The topics range from:

      Exploring the power of ShaktiLooking at outcome orientation in relation to institutionalised racismBringing priestessing tools into running your businessHow to deal with the fear of becoming visible and How to engage in soulful marketing: connecting with the essentials that make all the difference.

      These are sessions that I keep going back to, because they provide so much inspiration and guidance!

      As a Soul-based Coach, you:

      • stop working so hard for changes to happen
      • enjoy the energy and happiness your clients find, while they get where they want to go
      • know how to access your clients soul-based magic
      • delight in having very grateful clients
      • know you are delivering first-class, professional service to your clients
      • are part of a supportive, soulful group of Soul-based Coaches, some of whom are friends for life
      • enjoy building your business based on your soul knowing.

      Join us now
      and become a Certified Soul-based Coach

      Starting Spring 2021!

      Do you have questions? 

      The frequently asked questions below will help. 

      And I am here to support you to make the right decision. Book your exploration call with me to ask all you need to know.

      If you are not 100% satisfied with this program, you have a 30 days money back guarantee. What I ask, is that you participate in the weekly live calls and peer practice calls during that time, so you can make a well-founded decision.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Soul-based Coaching?
      Soul-based Coaching helps clients access their deepest (soul-)knowing, and use their innate capacity to heal and growth to make the changes they long for. It ensures that coaches, don’t interrupt or interfere with this powerful process. Soul-based Coaching is rooted in Clean Language (developed by David Grove), Symbolic Modelling (developed by Penny Tompkins & James Lawley), Yin & Sat Nam Rasayan healing (Klara Adalena) and presencing.
      Can I really learn how to be a professional coach online?
      After doing this for a number of years now, I can wholeheartedly say: Yes, you can! Of course, using an online platform to connect with each other is different from connecting in a physical room together. But technology has come very far. The (free to use) Zoom platform allows us to have break-out groups, which means that you can easily practice in groups of 2 or 3, with me dipping in to observe and offer personal feedback.Together with the opportunities in Facebook and on Skype to connect, you have a multi-facetted learning environment, with a lot of personal feedback and every opportunity to share your questions. And from an energetic perspective: every session, we start by doing a short meditation together. This helps us to ground ourselves in our bodies, and makes the rest of our learning sessions a refreshing experience. People that might find it hard to connect online at first, create deep friendships over time in the course.  Yes, you can learn to become a professional coach in this program, even when it is online.
      Does online coaching work?
      From years of experience, both as a coach and being coached, I can only say: Yes. Online coaching offers incredible opportunities for growth, healing and transformation. Especially when we are entering the realm of personal metaphors, as we do in Soul-based Coaching. They offer the portal into soul-based knowing, and they also hold the key for the transformation process to not just involve the mind. We activate the whole body/mind/soul system. We open up a psychoactive landscape for our client, where the transformation is happening in real-time. It means that where the client and you physically are becomes a lot less relevant.
      What if I am trained to be a coach, psychotherapist or other healing professional - will I still get value out of the program?
      This program will offer you a very different way of working with transformation. If you are not a Clean Language Foundation Level Facilitator, it will bring great value to you. Because of the specific way we work, having experience as a professional coach or healer will likely open up very interesting areas for self-reflection. Soul-based Coaching has a nice way of reflecting back to us our preferences and pitfalls. It will deepen your understanding of your current practices, as well as open up wide new horizons and possibilities. If you are called, then this is for you.
      What if I am not a coach, healer or therapist (yet)?
      Then you are in the right place! Taking part in Invoke Your Client’s Magic will offer you all the skills and tools to start doing the work, and help clients live the life they came here for. Join us, and you will not only become a trained coach, but we will also help you start building your business.
      Can I mix and match what I learn in the course with other healing or coaching skills?
      The short answer is: yes, you can. The skills you will learn allow you to easily tap into soul-based knowing. There are many ways to combine this with other ways of working. For example, I blend it with my yin healing sessions, using Soul-based Coaching techniques for the very start and ending of a session.


      When you want to guide soul-based transformation, and use all of the power available, you will probably want to stick to the toolbox and skill-set you learn. This is why I do all my coaching sessions in this way. It just opens possibilities that you otherwise don’t get to. And of course, you can experiment and I am sure out of that even more beauty will emerge: your personal brand of magic.

      What is the difference between the Soul-based Coaching program and the VIP packages?
      The program as it is offers you everything you need to become a certified Soul-based Coach and offer life changing transformations to your clients. You learn how to tap into the magic of soul-based wisdom, and guide any transformation to it’s completion. You won’t have to wonder about how to serve a client anymore, because you have the structure and tools in place that always show the way. You can help your clients to fully benefit from the incredible power that their Shakti intelligence brings. Nothing else needed. It will also help you to start building your Soul-based Coaching business.

      The VIP Package adds the possibility to build a very solid footing to stand on. It will offer you the unique chance to be coached by our outstanding trainers or by Annemiek, on a topic or topics related to building your business, building your skills and confidence, or anything that is alive for you personally. It will give you great results and an amazing opportunity to experience the full power of our work together. On top of that, it offers 4 personal supervision sessions, where we look at your client work, and focus on deepening your abilities further to serve your clients. All personal coaching and supervision sessions must be booked within 12 months of starting the program. If you have the resources for level 3, this is the best way to prepare yourself.

      How long is the program?

      We start with 9 months of weekly live sessions, including monthly integration time. You will learn the skills and content by diving in deep. After that, you have time to integrate what you have learned further, as you build up your coaching log, working with practice clients. If you want, you can join an additional supervision group during this time to get even more personal feedback. And you can share all your experiences and questions in our dedicated online platform. When you are ready, you can start the certification process. It is recommended you do this within a year of starting the program.

      When is the weekly live training session in my time-zone?

      The weekly training sessions for the June 2020 circle are Tuesdays, 2 – 4 pm CEST (Amsterdam).

      Please check your timezone on to make sure you can join us.

      What if I can't make the weekly live training session?
      Technology willing, all training sessions are recorded and it’s no problem at all to miss a session. That being said, the live sessions are vital to learning to master the skills. Coaching is not something you learn from reading a book, or watching something. You learn it by doing it and receiving quality feedback. So if you can’t ever attend the live sessions, you would get a lot less value out of the program. If you really want to take part, but timing is a big issue, contact me to see if we can work out a personal arrangement.
      What do I need to participate?
      • To be able to make the most out of the program, you’ll need a computer, tablet or laptop with a webcam/camera. A head-set can be useful, to minimise distractions for each other.
      • Watch the weekly course video’s and read the corresponding parts of the manual.
      • Whenever possible, attend the weekly calls, Wednesdays 7.30 – 9.30 pm CET (check your timezone here:
      • Have a 1 hour, weekly practice session with two peers

      The time involved will vary over the weeks, but count on an average of 4 – 8 hours a week.

      How does certification work?
      The certification follows a rigorous process where you show what you have learned to do. It includes an online test for a vital part of the theory, a written reflection on topics provided, a coaching log of sessions done and a recorded session. The assessment is done both within the Academy, and by external assessors, who check our client’s quality by the international Clean Language standards. If a student does not pass certification, there is the opportunity to retake certification after doing the suggested work for development.

      How much time do I need to commit to the program?
      The program has an average time investment of 4 to 8 hours a week, for the duration of the course.

      In the VIP packages, we plan the Deep Dive coaching sessions and supervision sessions according to your needs. You will need to book them within 12 months of starting the course.

      How about the VAT?

      Unfortunately, international VAT (Value Added Tax) regulations are complicated. Whether you have to pay 21% VAT (not included in the price stated on this page), depends on where you live and if you are an entrepreneur or not. (Don’t ask me why.)

      The only good news I can give you about this, is that in most countries:

      • as an entrepreneur you can deduct the cost of the program (including the taxes paid),
      • and as a not-entrepreneur you can often deduct the costs of the program (including the taxes paid) in your annual tax return.

      In short:

      • If you live in the Netherlands, you need to pay the 21% VAT (BTW).
      • If you live in Europe, and are an entrepreneur with an EU VAT number (easily attainable in most countries), you pay 0% VAT.
      • If you live in Europe and are not an entrepreneur with an EU VAT number, you need to pay 21% VAT.
      • And if you live outside of the EU, you are outside of the scope of these regulations, and you are one of the lucky ones that don’t need to pay VAT.

      So when you sign up, enter your address and EU VAT number, and we will get back to you with the correct invoice.

      (And if you don’t have a EU VAT number yet, you will first pay the 21% VAT and we will reimburse you when we receive your valid EU VAT number.)

      How does the payment plan work?

      To use the payment plan, you pay through the link provided. This will automatically make an initial payment, and then charge your credit card or account every subsequent month. Payment needs to be received before the start of the month, so if you choose a payment plan, please check that it does. If your payment doesn’t clear in time, I will have to stop your access to the course environment and community. We want our energy to go to providing you with the best possible learning experience, not to chasing money. If you can, pay in full now. It gives you the best price and lowers the chances of things going wrong.

      If you are unsure of your commitment to the program, and consider using the payment plan option because of that: check the satisfaction guarantee. Also, please do both of us a favour, and book a free on-boarding call here. We will talk about what you would like to gain from the program, you can have an experience of Soul-based Coaching itself, and what your questions are. I value you making the right choice.

      Is this the same as Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling?
      Yes and no. The meat and bones of the technical skills and tools we use are Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling. Alongside that, we focus on the energetics of our client sessions. Holding Space is one of our foundations, it allows us to root the work in Source. We also invite in the power of the Feminine, of Yin energy, which teaches us about allowing and letting go of our tight grasps of wanting things to happen a certain way. Because of this change in focus, we as coaches come to client sessions in a very different way, allowing different things to happen for our clients.
      Is this for me if I am a certified Clean Language Facilitator?
      Maybe. The skills taught in the program will help people reach the same level as skills that you already have when it comes to ‘Clean’. That being said, it is quite valuable to learn the skills from different perspectives. I know for me personally, and other leaders in the field, this has definitely been the case. So if you feel called, it’s worth considering. You will add another layer to the process, and harvest the benefits of Holding Space and inviting in Yin. If you are unsure, contact me and we can find out if this will be of benefit for you .
      Can you guarantee I will have a successful coaching business in a year?
      No. No-one in their right mind can. You will have built the skills you need to coach and to start building your business. Building a business takes time, and I highly recommend you allow yourself that time, or life might become very stressful for you.
      Do I have life-time access?
      Yes, as long as you’ve made your payments in time, you have life-time access to the course: the online materials and the facebook group. That includes any and all yearly updates to the program in terms of videos and manual.
      Will this make me a life coach / career coach/ executive coach / health coach/ ... coach?

      Yes and no 🙂 You will not become a content expert in any of these areas as a result of this program. You will learn how to support people to make successful changes in just about any area of their life and work life (barring severe psychological problems).

      This will work best in an area that you are already well at home in. Your personal life and work experience, and your experience and skills you build in this course will give you a very good place to start. You will also zoom in on what clients you would like to work with, and what you might want to focus on.

      Does this program make me an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach?
      No. The way we look at coaching is fundamentally different from the: “diagnose, devise an action plan with x steps and fix this” – approach that most coaching works from.

      Our program has been granted 118,5 Continuous Coaching Education hours from the ICF, showing that they value the work that we do. These CCEs are relevant for ICF accredited coaches who need to fulfil their continuous education requirements.

      ICF CCE - Continuous Coaching Education Credits
      By attending the program, you are eligible to:

      71 Core Competency hrs
      47,4 Resource Development hrs

      If you are an ICF accredited Coach and want to make use of the CCEs, please let us know once you have enrolled.

      What if I don't like it or can't do it?

      If you enroll in the program, and find out that it’s not for you, you can ask for a refund in the first 30 days, if you have been participating fully in the program up till the moment you ask for the refund. If you have any big doubts, the best thing to do is book a free exploration call. But if it’s calling you, don’t be scared to take the leap.

      If you enroll in the program and feel you cannot learn the skills we are practising, (of course taking into account that everyone has their own learning style, so going easy on yourself and giving yourself the time to try), you can also ask for a refund in the first 30 days.

      This program is carefully designed to give you a great learning experience. And, this work it is not for everyone. It does ask you to experiment, look at yourself in a new way. It will challenge you, invite you to look deeper and let go of a whole lot of assumptions you are currently not aware of. But all in a non-scary way in a very supportive environment.

      What terms & conditions apply?
      You can download the Terms & Conditions applicable to Invoke Your Client’s Magic here: T&C Invoke Your Clients Magic program

      What Invoke Your Client’s Magic brought others:

      “I have noticed so many changes in myself since I started the program. I really enjoy coaching and guiding people. I often feel relaxed and refreshed after finishing a session – which is an amazing change from how I used to feel after doing therapy sessions!

      – Steph Diepering

      Invoke Your Client’s Magic is the first course that I have invested in that is so multi-dimensional.  We learn about Mind / Body / Spirit….AND you focus our examples, our practise sessions on creating a business. Your generosity in what you share is hugely supportive.  It’s like you have read my mind about what I need to setup my business. All of this online. 

      Eimear Stassin

      Trainer and Coach

      Annemiek is a delicate, bright and conscious trainer, who offers a clear path for us to follow. She has a special gift to let you feel totally free in your own development, and at the same time show and teach you clearly all you can learn.

      – Annemieke Gerrist

      Participating has given me the opportunity to reconnect with the knowledge and power that reside in me. It has strengthened my intuition and my confidence, by showing me that there is still so much more to learn, always. Finally, it has taught me that, yes, magic can happen, at any time, for anyone. And participating in its unfolding with eyes wide open is the best feeling in the world!

      Rosanne Sluzias


      ” I have been assisting others in transformational work (as a therapist and then life coach) for over 30 years and this is the most effective method I have ever experienced.

      – KamalaDevi

      I’ve learned that every symbol and every word contains far more meaning and information than I ever thought. Starting with myself, I realise that it is the same for everybody else. We all hold our own keys to the answers we need. Soul-based Coaching is very useful to discover that and guide either myself or someone else on that journey.


      Trainer and Coach

      “I recommend this program highly because it offers you, as a coach, the possibility to let your clients develop themselves in freedom. And for your clients, it offers the freedom and safety to go their own way, and to transform in a way that is exactly right for them. This is definitely a different way of working from what is out there.

      – Judith van Oostrom

      Join us now
      and become a Certified Soul-based Coach

      Starting Spring 2021!

      If you are not 100% satisfied with this program, you have a 30 days money back guarantee. What I ask, is that you participate in the weekly live calls and peer practice calls during that time, so you can make a well-founded decision.