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What if you had a different relationship with money?

One that is full of belief, potential, gratitude and ease?

As a starting coach, you often tend to look for ‘proof’ you are doing the right things in your bank account, the number of client sessions booked, or the number of likes on a post, but this is not where the actual information is.

That is in your heart, gut and soul.

Is what you are doing aligned? Are you taking the actions that need taking?

But there are often so many fears attached to money. And it’s important to heal these. So you can start feeling really good about money, and open up new possibilities.

When you start leaning into the future, into the life you feel and see is possible for you, that is when you start making that a reality.

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It’s not a get-rich-quickly scam. It is offering you the process to create a different reality for yourself. Much like our coaches use these tools to help make powerful transformations happen for their clients. So enjoy the process, and take as much time as you like to build your dreams and prepare your riverbed…

Because that will greatly impact what can and will happen with money in your life!

The Money and Me workbook really opened my eyes, I knew that I have some limiting beliefs around money, but actually connecting to my Desired Outcome, to feel what kind of relationship I actually want with money was just amazing and it was so powerful to dive into this energy and to integrate the parts which are currently blocking me from having this experience, to integrate the “lost children”. It was a deep, surprising and healing experience!

Vanessa Guerrero

Download your workbook

Time to release, clear and invoke what you would like instead. Time to have a loving, empowered relationship with money.