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Invoke Your Client’s Magic

the Soul-based Coaching Certification Program

The rapid pace of change in my life since starting Invoke has been extraordinary..

“Until this course, I always thought I wasn’t ready wasn’t good enough, wasn’t qualified. And all of that stripped away because of the type of approach and skills and tools that we use. And the clients, they are blown away…” ~ Liz Goulder

Is this just one more certification? No, this is the big one.

“I now have a solid tool to work with people a tool that I trust… It’s really worth it, the time, the investment. And if everybody could touch it and feel it and experience it. I just think we would be in a much better place.”

– Valérie Marechal

It was the answer to a deep longing..

“As a clinical psychologist I longed for a way to work 1:1 that felt more holistic and more connected to this feminine way that I work in now. The work has been changing myself, I see real results with clients, even in one session and I’m super grateful for the business model that is part of invoke.”  

– Laura Gasparrini

Invoke is so much more than a training..

“When I look back how I related to myself a year ago, it was narrow. Now there is blooming and flourishing, and life has become so much more joyful for me. I think it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life to jump in and stop dreaming about working as a coach and make it a reality.”

Judith Peters

The most effective method I have ever experienced

I have been assisting others in transformational work (as a therapist and then life coach) for over 30 years and this is the most effective method I have ever experienced. It creates such deep transformation so quickly; it really does feel like magic! ~ KamalaDevi, Therapist, Life Coach & Artist

The Certification training far exceeded my expectations

I wanted coaching skills and started to look at the ICF trainings. And then I found Invoke and I knew this was it. The robustness of the method, the quality of the materials, the personal touch from the trainers, the community, the way it challenges me to let go of my inner perfectionist and step into not knowing. I am so happy, it couldn’t have been more perfect. ~ Paloma White, Coach

This absolutely ticks the boxes for me

It ticks the boxes in terms of where I am on the inside, and how I want to connect with others on the outside. Thank you Annemiek and team for this absolutely amazing training. It has given me an opportunity to blend the skills that I’ve learned over 30 years as a social worker with new skills that give another layer of satisfaction for my soul.

– Haneefah Muhammad

I feel radically different now


One of the things I appreciate about this training is how it’s transferred into my regular life. It isn’t just a coaching tool. It’s about how I’m showing up in all aspects of my life. And I just feel radically, radically different from when I started.

I can show up just the way I am. And share my gifts. I feel free. I feel whole. There’s this inner stillness and an undercurrent of joy of just being alive and not always pointing towards something else. I’m just here.

And there’s such freedom in not having to have the answers for someone else. And I know that this coaching works… It feels like such a gift to have this work find me.”

Laura Lasater

“I immediately felt this was the missing piece. I truly believe in the strength and knowledge in each of us, if you tap into this great source, magic happens. It brought changes in me as a person and in my work as a coach. It helps me to really listen, to trust the process and it makes my work and life so much easier.” 

–Audrey Claes, Social worker & Coach

“I am already living my dream!

This gave me the clarity I was looking for. I can offer my clients an amazing package, and I am fully booked”

– Jenny Schoenmann

It has changed me and my life so deeply.

I am so grateful that I found Soul-based Coaching!! The magic that happens for clients… It is humbling and deeply fulfilling.

– Adriana Petrone

“I have noticed so many changes in myself since I started the program. I really enjoy coaching and guiding people. I often feel relaxed and refreshed after finishing a session – which is an amazing change from how I used to feel after doing therapy sessions!

– Steph Diepering

Annemiek is a delicate, bright and conscious trainer, who offers a clear path for us to follow. She has a special gift to let you feel totally free in your own development, and at the same time show and teach you clearly all you can learn.

– Annemieke Gerrist

“I recommend this program highly because it offers you, as a coach, the possibility to let your clients develop themselves in freedom. And for your clients, it offers the freedom and safety to go their own way, and to transform in a way that is exactly right for them. This is definitely a different way of working from what is out there.

– Judith van Oostrom

Deep change and healing can also happen online

I wanted the same magic that happens when I work with a woman physically, to happen online. And now, it totally does! I can create a professional safe space and intimacy online. So thank you, I’m so grateful!! ~ Corinne Konrad Calder, Coach

Everything I need to set up my coaching business

It’s like Annemiek has read my mind about what I need to setup my coaching business. All from the comfort of my home. Connecting with fabulous people. Understanding the Yin, feminine approach. Annemiek is amazing at what she does. How she brings patience, gentleness and firmness; with a light heartedness that’s so appealing. I am gushing with gratitude for having met you Annemiek, and for all your support so far! ~ Eimear Stassin, Trainer & Coach

I used to feel frustrated

I was so eager to serve but didn’t know how to put to use all the tools I had collected along my journey. For me Invoke has been the missing piece of the puzzle and now everything is flowing together beautifully… I love the combination of skilled facilitation, which gives me confidence in knowing what I’m doing and still being led by the brilliance and unfolding of the person I’m serving.

– Claire Idan-Sun

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Activate the Power of Soul-based Change

the 8-wk foundations program

It felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened 

I thought I wanted to be a coach. But I had issues with a lot of how coaching worked, especially with the idea of a coach, knowing better than the client. And I joined, because I wanted to see whether soul based coaching was my modality. 
The course was just amazing. It was only eight weeks, but it felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened for me. There was a lot of skill building skills building as well, but for me, the biggest thing was really leaning into the holding space and realising how much actually happens.

Véronique van Gelderen

This course has been a game changer

“I’m an intuitive guide and just finished a different year long coaching program, but hadn’t started coaching yet. It didn’t feel right. This course has been a game changer, because it fits with who I am. And I’ve honestly had the biggest shift I’ve had in years, allowing me to create space for me to really be guided by my soul. It has opened up my dream life and I am so excited!”  

– Julliette Reynolds, Intuitive Guide

I’m blown away by the incredible transformation 

I’m blown away by the incredible transformation I am noticing in my own body and being and I am very impressed with the results I am getting using what I learned in my work as a therapist.”

– Aneesa V., Therapist

Transformative for me personally and as a life coach

I gained additional perspective on the range of possibilities for coaching as a profession. And I realised that coaching can be yet another way to apply a spiritual outlook on life to build a better world. And the community I found here has been inspiring and a great pleasure to work with and learn from!

– Eric L. Hicks, Sr., Life Coach

This is a masterfully created safe container that encourages depth and a knowing of ourselves.

I learned how to hold space so that it allows people to access their deepest wisdom, and experience more freedom and aliveness in all areas of their lives. The group became so close that it gave me lasting friendships. This is a way of coaching that will be with me for life! I recommend this course for anyone who wants to be a facilitator of change. What a refreshing way of being in the world!

– Stacey S.

My patients don’t want my solutions – they want healing 

“I now know how to open the field for transformation with my medical clients, and no longer feel that they want me to give them a solution. It gives so much relief! I’m thankful every day.” 

– Dr. Monika Lucia Steiner-März

No pushing – which makes everything possible

“Often coaching pushes me in a direction I don’t feel is right. This doesn’t. It is a safe space, loving, and accepting everything. And that opens it all up.”

– Maria Muster

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