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Come and experience what is possible in an embodied coaching approach. We invites you be the midwife for people’s changes. there is a whole new world waiting for you!

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How to Hold Space for Transformation (free ebook)

Holding space is an ancient skill, practiced in just about every culture. In our times, it’s not a skill we were taught, but we are finding our way back there. This ebook  will help you find your personal edge in holding space.

The Six Guidelines: How to Hold Space for Soul-based magic in healing and coaching 

(free workshop)

Discover how to invoke and support people’s transformation.
Deepen your ability to Hold Space, and never get in the way again of people’s biggest resource: their Shakti flow.
It’s the force that literally moves mountains and it’s responsible for every big change in life. Imagine helping people tap into that


Your Irresistible Daily Connection Practice (free ecourse)

Your connection with yourself offers the foundation for all the work you can do for others. This 5-day email course will guide the way.

In the Spotlight: 

What is Soul-based Coaching?

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    Self-study courses

    Embrace the Power of Yin to unlock your Soul’s calling

    Do you get stuck in feeling you should be doing more to answer your unique calling. It can be easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed and in constant communication with your self-doubt. So let us help you take a very different route. Because all the answers you are looking for, are inside of you: your Soul holds the key. And when you embrace the power of Yin, it becomes easier and easier to find these answers inside yourself. Find out more…. 



    A powerful bundle of the most enjoyed meditations of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching. All meditations are rooted in Holding Space and embodiment. This means that they invite you to attend to your experience, inside your body, in each moment, and let that become the thread that brings healing, nourishment and joy. They are not guided meditations that ask you to step into a predefined frame. They honour your unique way of being. You can buy it here.

    MasterCoach & Founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching Annemiek van Helsdingen shares:

    Guided Meditation – Hold Space for Yourself

    Come Home to Yourself. Root yourself in your Soul’s knowing. So that you feel nourished and make it easeful to take aligned action.  Sign up here to receive your meditation.




    Bring more Soul into your work! Join our free community and ask your questions, take your steps into the work you feel called to do and celebrate with us!”

    How to hold space for transformation

    E-book created for healers, therapists and coaches, and those who aspire to be.

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