How to become a Soul-based Coach
and see magical lasting change for your clients

Annemiek, founder of the Academy, explains the options to develop Soul-based Coaching skills or train as a Certified Soul-based Coach.

This gave me the clarity I was looking for. And I am already living my dream! I can offer my clients an amazing package, and I am fully booked

– Jenny Schoenmann

The Feminine

in Coaching

Infuse magic into
your work (8 wks)

Bring the Soul-based Coaching essentials into your work: Strengthen your ability to Hold Space, and to trust the process. Ask higher quality questions; help clients tap into their soul-knowing; and learn to weave all this into your current offerings, to deepen your work bring ease. (online, 8 weeks)

Invoke Your Client’s Magic

Become a Certified
Soul-based Coach

Our 1-year online program offers what you need to support clients into lasting life changing results, guided by their own deepest knowing. You become a midwife instead of an expert and help your clients tap into the vast resources of their Soul, in a magical, but very rooted way.

Are you feeling called to Soul-based Coaching?

If you are wondering if this is for you, or you want guidance on what option fits you best, I am happy to have a chat.


The veil has been lifted and I can finally see

I often feel refreshed after finishing a session now – which is an amazing change from how I used to feel after doing therapy sessions! It feels like a veil has been lifted and finally I can see what is really there. I totally recommend this program! I am eternally grateful and I cannot wait to continue this journey with you as such an inspiring role-model, Annemiek. – Steph Diepering

I have learned so much.. I am no longer responsible to ‘save’ my clients. This is definitely a different way of working from what is out there. And aside from learning the skills for soul-based coaching, I experienced my own transformation as a client. You will experience exactly what soul-based coaching will offer your clients. Invaluable


– Judith van Oostrom

The biggest inner transformation ever

Soul-based Coaching has brought me the biggest inner transformation ever. I am so in awe and in love with this process! And it’s great to see that more and more people learn SBC and spread the magic of Soul-based transformation. Thank you to the whole Academy team for planting these seeds! – Erikz Maizi

I am so grateful that I found Soul-based Coaching!! It has changed me and my life so deeply. The magic that happens for clients… It is humbling and deeply fulfilling.

– Adriana Petrone