Soul in a professional context

by | May 8, 2024

What do you think?

Soul in a professional context, do these fit together for you?

I was a wonderer growing up. My parents took me to church and I was baptised at 10 years old ‘so I could choose’. (It probably had more to do with the fact that my mum converted to the slightly different flavour of christianity my dad grew up with.)

But religion and believing felt like an open and inquisitive space as a child.

I remember writing an essay for theology lessons for my catholic school when I was 13, sharing that I did believe there was ‘something more’, but that I couldn’t see that as an old man with a beard. I think I even got a good grade for it.

As the years went on, sports and homework took the place of going to church. I didn’t miss it. Or pray.

It wasn’t until my first job, that my interest in the spiritual realm got reawakened.

Two managers in my workplace invited a small group to an evening about energy work. It was intriguing.

From there, I studied energy healing alongside my career as a consultant and coach. Reiki, meditation, ritual. But I never talked about at work. I just wanted it for me. Because the world just made more sense.

It wasn’t until my immune system broke down in 2012, that I truly started to understand something.


Spirituality, for me, just isn’t optional.

It’s at the heart of who I am and what I’m here to do.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve found my personal relationship with the divine. It’s alive, essential and deeply fulfilling. Guiding my actions in my life and in my work.

But it’s not a dogma. My way may not be your way. And that is thoroughly okay.

In Soul-based Coaching, the spiritual is invited into your sessions.


The spiritual is invited as much as any other aspect of our clients are invited. And it’s not even an overt, specific invitation. It is just be part of the fabric of our sessions. It shows up because of the way we hold space and honour our clients knowing.


We are not alone in craving that depth and sense of fulfilment.

It brings an opening into vulnerability and reverence for life.
It gives our lives meaning.
And it is a source for (soul-led) healing.


I also think it is thoroughly important for our day and age to invite soul into all of our places, including our workplace.

More and more people are opening up about what matters to them. And it’s time that we see many examples of how we can live soul-fulfilling lives, AND be judgement and dogma free.

What does a soul-fulfilling, dogma free life look like for you?

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Love that you are here! It’s a pleasure to share what I’ve learned in 25 yrs of coaching and teaching coaches since 2006. At the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, the team and me have reached 1000s of coaches, therapists and healers, helping them have phenomenal, embodied results.

On a personal note, I’m a bi-sexual, perimenopausal (read sleep-deprived) self-anointed Priestess who craves the spiritual as much as I do the practical, connecting seeming opposites in true Gemini style – and that is about all I know about astrology.

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