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by | Mar 15, 2024


Last week, this graphic did the rounds on social media, showing the amount of spoken words by men and women in ‘Best Picture’ Oscar winning films:

Men speak most in Oscar winning films

Tell me what you think when you see this. Are you surprised? Do you feel angry, frustrated?

I have to admit I was surprised – and I was also surprised I was surprised. I had not clocked that so much of the most popular movies are so skewed and bereft of women’s voices. Even when I was aware how few movies pass the ridiculously low standards of the Bechdel test. (A movie should have at least two (named) female characters who have a conversation about something other than a man).

Our world systematically values men’s contributions more than it values contributions of women, queer and trans folks. And these movie awards give a clear representation of our dominant culture.

Of course it’s not just in movies. Here is columnist and author Kate Cohen who re-worked the much talked about Barbie monologue.

And don’t get me started on the #tradwife trend on social media, where young gorgeous white influencers (often with quite a bit of socio-economic privilege, with enough money to spend on beautiful everythings) promote staying at home. They collect eggs from their chickens and are happy to serve their husbands, while blaming feminism for making them think they ‘have to do it all’. Yet another way the patriarchy is expressing itself. (Of course, having choice is what feminism is about, ongoing choice. So one doesn’t find themselves without power, or financially dependent on your partner when things turn sour.)

When I see little snippets like this, it makes me look at my 12-yr old daughter. And I vow that we will do whatever we can to leave the best possible world for her generation and what comes next.


And for this, I turn towards my skills and tools. 


This is what we are here for at this Academy. To amplify all voices. And to help people on their journey towards the truest expression of who they are in a world that is not yet organised for them to thrive. And to help them create lives that work for them, based on what they value and need.

And these are the coaches or aspiring coaches we look for in our training programs. The ones that want to BE THE CHANGE, knowing full well it’s not easy.

  • The people that want to honour and support women, queer and trans liberation. That are willing to speak up when genocide happens on our watch. And who put their energy where their beliefs are.
  • Who want to undo the power-over paradigm in the coaching industry, knowing it will increase wellbeing and can give better results.
  • Who want to move towards the better future in resonance with that future and notice where the old paradigm holds us back.
  • Who want to make embodiment & Soul even more important than Analysis, Ideas & Doing. (Because even science tells us this is where lasting results come quickly.)
  • And who want to allow both science and the Mystery of life to support you and your clients, so that all powers can be activated.

Is this you?

Then you may be who we look for for our next cohort or the Soul-based Coach certification program.

It takes courage to stay the path, but seeing Soul-led change for our clients ripple out into our collective world, is inspiring and activating the people around them.

It re-activates me, whenever I feel the need for a top-up.

This is how coaching can make a difference for all of us.

What better world do you dream of?


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On a personal note, I’m a bi-sexual, perimenopausal (read sleep-deprived) self-anointed Priestess who craves the spiritual as much as I do the practical, connecting seeming opposites in true Gemini style – and that is about all I know about astrology.

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