I am reminded again today of the sacred layers that we touch in this work.

In a soul-based coaching session, we easily go deep. Not deep in analysis (never) or emotion (sometimes), but deep in the energetic layer of where meaning is created. The layer where old stuff is stored, sometimes from lifetimes ago. The layer that also creates our every day experience.

And then we also ‘easily’ invite healing and transformation to happen.

The ‘easily’ can sound dismissive, as if life were always easy and a client shouldn’t make such a fuss. But of course that is not the easily I am talking about. What I mean to say is that by inviting in the soul-knowing of our client, connections are made inside of them that were not possible before, and that changes everything.

The client takes the right step at the right time, in the right pace – and all of what is ‘right’ is being offered by the client’s body/mind/soul system.

Maybe you crave it too. This deep sense of meaningfulness. A deep connection.

If you would like to invite more of this sacredness in, the most important thing to do, is to train yourself in Holding Space.

In slowing down.

In allowing all of your client’s experience in.

In becoming present, and inviting them to be present to – and not lost in their story.

In trusting their system.

In ~ not ~ getting in their way.

In ~ not ~ entering the helper-role that we are so used to in our world.

In holding space for the sacredness to open itself and make itself known.

This is not something you do, not something you can make happen. But you can enable and allow it to happen.

And when it does.. deep connection is found. For your client, within them self. For you, with your client. And for you, with the divine – or whatever your word is for the feeling that it brings.

It is a feeling of things mattering deeply. It is a feeling that nourishes both profoundly.
And it is really joyful.

If you want to add Soul-based magic to your life and work, this is where you start.

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Much love,