How can you create communities where people can thrive

by | Jan 30, 2024

We all have a deep sense of belonging, and yet it often feels for people that they have to change themselves in someway to fit in.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk to Mirjam van Ruth and Judith Peters, both Certified Soul-based Coaches and experienced facilitators, about:

* How you can create communities where people can thrive.
* How to design those communities.
* And what difference that makes.

We touch on themes of:
* how belonging doesn’t mean having to change yourself to fit in
* learning to thrive in women-only groups, to the point of now running women’s circles
* what it truly means to be seen
* how we can stay out of drama while being fully present with everything that we are (including our triggers)
* the role curiosity plays
* and some of the design principles that make all this possible, because none of it is accidental!

We are using Invoke Your Client’s Magic, the Soul-based Coach Certification program as an example, so everything that we share comes from the experience of running this program and community for the last 7 years.

We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with communities where you feel you can thrive.

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Find Mirjam here, and Judith here.

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