Big changes are happening in my life. Not all planned!

Last week, our 8-yr old had her last day at the school that she was in for the last four years. She was supposed to be there for another four years.

Until recently we were happy with her school, and she was VERY happy with it. But then it started to become clear that learning-wise, it may just not be the right fit for her.

And we had to act fast. Within 5 weeks, we went through a roller coaster of emotions, explorations and then decisions.

It’s somewhat surprising how deeply this journey touched us: School is a fundamental part of a child’s life. As parents, you want them to be happy, and you want them to thrive. And your child depends on your choices, and the support she receives.

And of course, there are no guarantees.

So now, after a good farewell, we have entered the Summer holidays. The liminal period between the old and the new. Being with the not knowing of what will come.

She is happy and very excited to start at her new school, and that’s great.

So now it’s time to let the dust settle, and to breathe into all the aspects that have been resonating in my system. Besides the not-knowing, of course some of my personal stories and fears were shining brightly.

Will she fit in? Will she feel like she belongs? Will she have the support she needs? Are we doing the right thing?

Some of them are relevant for my girl. But some of them are definitely lighting up for my benefit.

Time to witness and heal old pieces.
Time to rest and integrate.

And that time is super important for any change, big and small.

People tend to miss that this is an integral and essential part of making changes that last and serve. It’s the aftermath, when things on the outside are starting to find their new shapes.

It’s when we ripen and mature on the inside.

If you skip this step, because you are too busy with the next thing, the unhealed places will act up later. It’s like working really hard for to grow lovely berries in your garden, and then not remembering to harvest what you have nurtured.

Where could you take more time to be with what has been stirred up? Where can you take some time to integrate what has happened in your latest leg of the journey? Where can you extract your medicine and celebrate you?

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Much love,