We need to talk about this.

I sometimes forget that you may not know what it’s like to learn and work online with us.

With Soul.

I forget, because it’s so normal now for us 🙂

But when I stop to think about it, I realise that 5 years ago, when I started to do my own first online course, I had no idea it was even possible. And there are many examples out there of online training that is:

one-way only, superficial, mind only learning
in communities that are not trained to listen and grow, where it’s easy to get lost in the masses and where there is very little Soul around.
But instinctively, I knew that Soul-based Coaching would work very well online. Fast forward to know. We see clients benefit from their online coaching every day.

We know that when we bring our skills to Hold Space into the conversation, the depth of connection our clients feel with themselves takes our breath away. When we bring in our questions, that support their deepest knowing to surface, they enter a state and experience that is powerful and empowering.

We help our clients connect to the most intimate places in themselves. And feel completely, 100% safe to do so. At the same time, we help them to go where they haven’t been able to go before. And that’s where the magic is. And their power to make the changes happen that they want.

Nothing lost in coaching online here.

So how about in our training calls? What is that like?

Very similar.

Let me share about yesterdays supervision meeting. A small group of us came together to talk about things that come up when they are coaching. How they can improve their work further. And I was there as the teacher.

And at the same time, we were a group of women coming together. Completely open. Vulnerable. No need to be any different than we are. No judgement. Lots of curiosity and support. A shared exploration of what being a Soul-based Coach means.

And that brings lots of shared learning.

And none of us had met each other in real life. (Who knows what may happen in the future.)

Our community has deep connections. Even though we are meeting online.

I am super grateful for the opportunity technology is offering us. That we can connect with everyone, where ever they are in the world. And have meaningful connections. (While we save a lot of time, carbon dioxide emissions and money in travelling.)

And I love that the internet gives us the ability to earn a living anywhere, as long as we have a decent internet connection 🙂

So, if this is what’s been holding you back, it may be time to reconsider!!

Doors to Invoke Your Client’s Magic are closing soon.

We can have a chat first, or you can enrol on the website.

Look forward to welcome you in Invoke, and help you make your dreams reality!

Much love,