In what stage are you, 

and what are your next steps? 

Do you want to be a Rockstar or are you more of a Midwife? It turns out, that as a coach, people go through different stages.

The people that come to us for Soul-based Coach training, come from wildly different backgrounds and experience levels. From people who are literally just getting started, to very experienced coaches and therapists.

Of course, that made me wonder why they all come to us.

And this is when I started to see the Life Cycle of the Coach. Five stages from Seedling to Sage. Each stage with its own distinct experience. And clear insights into what is needed to progress through the stages. 

Let’s find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. 



2. The Fix(s)ter


Do you loooooove to fix problems? Make pain and frustration go away and help people be happy and thrive? Is it hard for you to listen to someone suffering and leave them to that –  Because you *know* it doesn’t have to be like that…

As a Fix(st)er you probably had someone (a coach or therapist) help you and you want to pay it forward because it helped you so much! 

You may have watched lots of Oprah and Dr Phil. Love reading How To books, Tony Robbins, or the Happiness Project. All with practical, actionable advice. There is a solution for every problem, let’s start with fixing our mindset, and then there are five steps to take… You may have had your first coach training.

Or: you may have chosen for training in hands-on healing modalities like reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, bodywork, voicework, so that you can make a difference through working with the body. You know how powerful that is…

A little note: at this stage, remember that you want to make sure your support is welcome. Are you invited to help? 

No matter what tools you have, you love sharing your gifts and actively do so, (paid or not), because you know it can help people. And often that is true. But you outgrow this stage when: too often, you also know that there is a part that’s missing. You want your clients to go deeper and have consistent results, so that the changes they long for will actually happen and stick. 

You want this for them – of course.

And you want this for you. Because if you are honest, there is something gnawing at you about it not being enough, what you offer.

So, when you recognise yourself in this stage, what are your next steps? 


Your Options: 

Are you more comfortable with the Masculine paradigm of logical analysis, action steps and ‘making things happen’? Are you more comfortable with the Feminine paradigm? Inviting the wisdom of the body and the chaos of creation?

Or do you want a combination of both?

Most people that have gone into coaching chose the road led by the Masculine paradigm. Often because they were not aware there is a different way.  

That choice will lead you to the Rockstar. 

Which can sound pretty cool. You get there by investing in more coach training, for example NLP based, or one of the many life coaching programs, where you learn more about the interventions you can do, that work for all. 

The alternative is to choose to go towards the Midwife or Life Doula. 

This is the path for people who realise there is more to life than what is predictable. That we are spiritual beings in the flesh, who co-create their daily reality with life itself. Soul-based Coach training can open up this dimension for you. Here, you learn to work with what’s unique for your clients AND for this time.

Are you a Fix(s)ter? And if so, what path do you want to take? 

Let me know if you recognise this stage, and what your experience of it is. What questions do you ask yourself here?


Your next step:

  • Are you a Fix(st)er? 
  • If so, what do you recognise from this stage? 
  • Do you want to start adding the part that’s missing so you can offer your clients better results?
  • If so, which path do you want to take? 


And what are your next steps? The world really is waiting for you.


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Find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. Download the PDF now.