In what stage are you, 

and what are your next steps? 

Do you want to be a Rockstar or are you more of a Midwife? It turns out, that as a coach, people go through different stages.

The people that come to us for Soul-based Coach training, come from wildly different backgrounds and experience levels. From people who are literally just getting started, to very experienced coaches and therapists.

Of course, that made me wonder why they all come to us.

And this is when I started to see the Life Cycle of the Coach. Five stages from Seedling to Sage. Each stage with its own distinct experience. And clear insights into what is needed to progress through the stages. 

Let’s find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. 




3. The Rockstar


Are you a Rockstar Coach? Or aspire to be one? This can sound so good…!

And like anything, it comes with its downsides too.


As a Rockstar you know your moves. You have tried & tested ways to help people.

Your versions of the hit songs that capture everyone in the audience. 

You love seeing that they work. Happy clients. And it makes YOU feel so good!! 

What’s not to like, right?

But at the same time, if you are honest, it’s often hard work for your clients,

it’s starting to become repetitive for you, and although it’s flattering, you don’t want your clients to depend on you.


It shouldn’t be about you. If that’s the case, your clients can only go where you have gone before. Not go where they need to go.

You know that they have more in them. Sometimes you accidentally get them there, but not always. Clients are happy enough, but it’s starting to irk you. You are missing something in your approach. Chances are, it’s the layers of the Feminine and the Soul who are calling.. 


So, when you recognise yourself in this stage, what are your next steps to prevent burn-out or bore-out? And how can you deepen your work?

Again, there are two general directions to go from here. What path will you take?


Your options: 

You either let life guide your way, or you can take action yourself towards where you want to go. 

Life has a way of offering all of us challenges and crises, which can be hard to move through and bring us a lot of wisdom and insight. When you follow what life has in store for you, and take your time to integrate the lessons before they come through in your coaching, you take your own initiatory journey into the Sage. 

You know you will have gotten there when your need to fall back on your ‘hit songs’ has been falling to the wayside. When more stillness and essence enters. More in the next stages.

You can also actively embrace the opportunity to now dive into the Feminine approaches, and let them compliment the tools, techniques, beliefs and the perspectives that you have gathered so far. This is a big part of what the Sage eventually needs. 

Diving into the Feminine approaches is the road towards the Midwife or Life Doula. 

Soul-based Coaching offers you a completely different perspective on coaching, and helps you develop parts of you that you maybe even didn’t know you had 🙂 

Your next step:

  • Are you a Rockstar? 
  • If so, what do you recognise from this stage? 
  • Are you noticing it’s time to go deeper?
  • If so, which path do you want to take?
  • And what are your next steps? Are you ready to shine even brighter?


Find out what stage you are in, and what your next steps can be. Download the PDF now.