In Soul-based Coaching, we work with principles that the Law of Attraction speaks of:

“Like energy attracties like.” (For better or worse.)

Here, we help people ‘rewire’ their subconscious and their conscious minds to have (more of) the experience they want.

Since our minds cannot distinguish between actual events and imagined events in terms of how it processes its input, we help our clients build neurological connections that were not there before. As these connections continue to strengthen due to our sacred metaphor work, these new connections become our client’s new normal.

Which means they are now thinking, feeling, acting in accordance with their changed neurology.

Plus, this rewiring creates an energetic frequency which will attract different events, people and things.


Just Law of Attraction principles, without paying attention to context, is harmful.

‘High vibe only’ – can easily come to mean it’s your own fault when you are not having the experience you want in life.

This is not true, disrespectful and has serious potential to retraumatise. Yes, there are always things we can do (or stop doing) to change our situation. We can keep working on our mindset, our healing, our alignment. But life is a co-creation between a human being and the divine with many factors at play. Including systemic issues that have more impact on some than on others (unequal pay between genders, white privilege and white supremacy, access to health care inequalities to name a few).

Each one of us has to make the best of the hand they have been dealt. (Luckily with support from others like our friends and the kind of support healers and Soul-based Coaches offer).

Another dangerous aspect of following the Law of Attraction literally is that it invites you to ignore the issues in life that are messy and full of conflict. Because they take your energy to a lesser vibe.

Which means that a lot of people now have a ‘reason’ not to acknowledge what is not right in this world or take action on it.

Social justice, political reform, climate change will not be magicked away by ‘high vibe only’. In fact, our justified anger and frustration (pointing us to essential boundaries being crossed) need to be used to fuel much needed change. That does not mean you need to be angry all the time, of course not. Notice the feelings, process them, and see what action you want to take.

But spiritual bypassing of real world issues are in nobody’s best interest.

You want to choose how you can be part of the change you want to see, and create a healthy world that our children’s children and the next 5 generations can enjoy.

That, in my humble opinion, is part of our job description as humans.