A great question we get: Is there is a structure or framework for Soul-based Coaching sessions? 

A structures or framework for coaching sessions can be very helpful. It can also beat the life force energy out of what is possible for a client. So how do we use structures and frameworks in Soul-based Coaching?

First of all, we have a very specific way of asking our questions. Through this, we build a river bed for our clients creative intelligence, their life force energy and the most powerful creative energy there is, to start unfolding into what wants to become. If that sounds like nothing you can imagine, that’s okay, because it’s not something that you see happen very often. You can come and experience it here.

We also have a general framework that supports the coach in choosing where to take a client’s attention. That framework is not about ‘The 5 steps to […]’, it is not a prescriptive approach to certain steps to take in linear order.

What it does do, is help the coach to invite the client to pay a specific kind of attention. 

What does that mean practically?

Well, for example, we will always start coaching journeys with helping a client find their desired outcome for the work. And then we help them develop that desired outcome into a fully embodied experience in the here & now. (Instead of starting with an analysis of what’s right and wrong, or good and bad about their current situation or way of being, what needs fixing, or how things came to be). 

Starting sessions this way means that powerful shifts at a neurological level can start to happen straight away. Of course we also help the client clear up the things within them that are not aligned to this desired outcome – the parts that are not automatically dealt with by the client’s body, mind & soul system. But that comes (quite a while) later.

So more important than structures and frameworks in our teaching is that we teach our coaches to be in the unfolding with their client, to meet them where they are, and have the client’s inner capacity for healing and change lead the way. 

You can look at it as us teaching you the dance steps you could use, and then you enter into a partnered dance with your client, with your client’s inner guidance system leading the way.

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