The regenerative underpinnings of Soul-based Coaching

by | Mar 31, 2022

This is part 3 in a blog series that shares how Soul-based Coaching breaks the dominant paradigm and opens up a world of opportunity for healing and change that we need badly in our world. 

Part 1 takes us into the old paradigm, the one that we are all living and breathing after 500+ years, and includes personal practices to start your personal inquiry.

Part 2 shares what this paradigm shift means for the coaching industry, and coaching as a profession, touching on what is SO exciting once we have started to see what we are up against. 


In this post, we dive into the regenerative underpinnings of Soul-based Coaching, and how they change the rules of the game, the role of the coach, AND what can happen for clients. 


Regeneration is the opposite of: ‘We take what we want, because we can, regardless of the consequences for ourselves, Earth and all future generations

Here, truly beautiful things can happen. 


Regeneration is “renewal or restoration of a body, bodily part, or biological system”. 

Just from reading that, my body relaxes. And I recognise how much space there is for regeneration in our own bodies and minds, in our communities, and for our Earth.

And we experience this all the time. Because Soul-based Coaching can help clients regenerate beyond the confines of the old paradigm.

That is one of the things that truly excites me about this work. (Combined with the fact that it is very effective.)


But why can Soul-based Coaching do that? 

What is different about the way that we work? 

The answer isn’t “because of this one thing”. It is the combination of the new paradigm, values & beliefs, regenerative underpinnings, coaching framework, methods and skills that are all aligned and support one another.

Soul-based Coaching is a systemic approach that honours and acknowledges life in all its aspects, and gives the coach a very specific role. 

Looking at the regenerative underpinnings of this modality is a great way to start understanding what this paradigm shift brings you.


The regenerative underpinnings of Soul-based Coaching


🌿 We are all inherently worthy as we are. You don’t have anything to fix, change or upgrade to be your full celebrated self. And your soul speaks to you through your longings for change and transformation. 


🌿 Life is made out of light and darkness, the world around us is made out of light and darkness, and we are too. All these parts of us are equally valuable and have medicine to offer. We have no interest in bypassing the challenging aspects of being fully human. And it is time to face our collective fear of the dark.


🌿 We are equal but not the same. Life is beautifully diverse and that diversity is to be savoured, supported and celebrated. We are not interested in creating duplicates of ourselves in any way. 


🌿 Each human being can access incredible wisdom. Each human being has an innate capacity for healing and change. All through their body & soul. (And together these parts of us can co-create our collective better future and new structures)


🌿 Our minds do not hold the keys to transformation, healing or our better future. But our minds are great servants of our deeper wisdom. 


🌿 Our human essence is ever evolving and never static, and we can trust this unfolding of life force energy, which is like a rose bud opening. And yes, messiness and chaos are part of life’s natural unfolding. We can do hard things too.


🌿 We can NOT know how life will be evolving for any of us. So let go of the deep urge to act from your own ideas of what is going on for another person. Instead, become truly interested in their unique unfolding, which is happening at this very moment.


🌿 Big change can happen in an instant and change can gradually happen over time. There is no right or wrong. Let go of the need for instant gratification and trust our client’s pace and your skills. 


🌿 It takes courage to be with not-knowing, and a willingness to stay in connection, and stay in the moment. To live life from the body & soul first, mind second.


🌿 And it asks you to be congruent in our actions: our steps to change need to be in alignment with these suppositions. The end doesn’t justify the means. If you want to make changes towards a better future where all people can bloom into their own full becoming? Then the things that you do, how you coach, need to be in alignment with that.  


The role of a Soul-based Coach


This brings us to the role of the coach as a ‘spiritual midwife’, a specific kind of guide. 

One who is comfortable to guide you anywhere you need to go. 

A guide who knows how to create the riverbed, to meet you in each moment. 

And one who can follow the thread of your inner becoming.


And what can happen for your clients? 


Client’s journeys get to be completely unique. 

We don’t teach you formats and 5-step processes, but we give you the ‘simple’ tools that you need, and that you can use in endless different configurations. Because life isn’t the same. 

And we also teach you how to know what to do. 

So you always feel comfortable taking your clients on their next steps.

We work with them on the level where their body, mind & soul create meaning: their own embodied metaphors. 

My client Jessica noticed she was carrying a yoke (like the ones farm horses used to wear when they ploughed the field). When we explored, it became clear that it was her grandmother’s. 


It represented her grandmother’s experience of having to carry it all by herself after her husband (my client’s grandfather) had passed. In her own life, this client was a force of nature like her grandmother. 


She found it very hard to ask for help. Or to receive help that was offered. 


As part of the coaching, she did a small ritual that helped her give the yoke back to her grandmother. 


And all of a sudden her garage, that had been full of furniture that had belonged to her mother, could be cleared within a few days. 


Whereas before our session, even the thought of clearing the garage was more than she could bear. 


And of course, many other things in her life and relationships started to shift too. 


Alisha followed their inner white rabbit and found a new job


Rachel birthed a snake and healed the relationship with her mother.


Kay spent a while exploring a very resourceful river within her body. It helped her heal so many aspects of herself after a very challenging 7-yr period of life-threatening illnesses and loss that it gave her her life back.  


What your clients get:


The process will always help a client:

  • learn to trust their inner knowing
  • deepen the connection with themselves
  • find powerful inner resources that they can always tap back into
  • acknowledge the comfortable and the not comfortable inner parts and receive the medicine all these parts bring
  • become an energetic match for their desired outcomes
  • experience their desired outcomes, before the client manifests them in real-life, exponentially increasing their chances of realising the outcomes​
  • reorganise their inner structures, so that the various parts are aligned, beliefs can be changed and action taking becomes easy towards their desired outcomes
  • feel nourished
  • find healing
  • find joy
  • find transformation: change that isn’t dependent on circumstance and ongoing hard work.
And so much more.


Want to know more? 


If I have gotten you curious, and you want to know how we do all this, and what that feels like, then come and join us.

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The thing with a new paradigm is that this experience is likely to be outside of what you have experienced before in coaching settings. But your body and mind will know if it’s for you by diving in and exploring with us! 

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