Why Soul matters – A Letter to Your Mind

by | Jun 14, 2022

This one is for your mind. 

Your busy, wandering, overactive mind. 

The part that so much wants to be in control, understand everything and minimise risks. 

Make life predictable – especially in the midst of what looks like chaos and intensity (plenty of that going around.)

The part that thinks: but ‘soul’, that sounds woo. It sounds cheesy, or maybe even flaky. – What would my parents/ neighbours / friends think of this??

Why does Soul matter?

This is for you, mind:


Dear mind, 

Let me tell you that there is relief and release just around the corner, if you are open to go there. 

That task that you have taken on, to keep me safe? 

I highly appreciate it. I am deeply grateful for all the work that you do. 

And, it turns out that this job is not meant to be carried by you by yourself.

When you allow me, you will experience that even though sometimes life can feel excruciating, and my heart and body will feel lost, overwhelmed or in a very focussed attempt to get the hell out of a situation that is unsafe – I have much more capacity to bear the pain and move through it than you think. 

You rescuing me from feeling, from facing, from being with what is…

It is a temporary relief. 

And one that comes at a great cost. 

Because it disconnects me from the Source of all Life. 

It disconnects me from the flow of Shakti, creative life energy, that moves through me. 

The source of healing, renewal, growth. 

Which is in its very essence emergent.

Not to be predicted or controlled. It brings the promise of chaos to you dear mind, and I understand you are not keen. 

But you know, it also brings my connection with all of the wisdom in my body, and the wisdom of my soul. 

John O’Donohue was a Celtic poet, priest, and philosopher. He said: 

There is a place in the soul that neither time nor space nor no created thing can touch. There is a place in you where you have never been wounded, where there is still a sureness in you, where there’s a seamlessness in you, and where there is a confidence and tranquillity in you.”

That inner sanctuary – wouldn’t you love for me and you to get there? 

To make it part of our daily life, rather than something I visit when I get to meditate or roam the forest? 

That part, my soul, has knowings and answers that you can only dream of dear Mind. It comes with resources and wholeness and trust. 

The things you so desperately want for me. 

You just need to realise it’s not your job on the team to get me there. 

Don’t worry, I still need you to figure out details and specifics. 

I still want your incredible capacity for analysing and processing to help me find the practical steps. I enjoy the kind of clarity that you can add.

But for direction and feeling rooted in myself – I NEED Soul to come onto the team too. To take its rightful place. And we need to trust intuition, its language.

Shall we do it, you and me? 

Step into right relationship with Soul together? 

Don’t worry if you think: ‘But I don’t know how!!’

By helping me choose the things on my path that light me up, we will find the way together. 

And yes, Soul-based Coaching skills are a huge help to get us there, that is why I am reading this blogpost now 🙂


Yours truly, [name]



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