Soul is a big claim

by | Feb 15, 2023

For the remnants of my old corporate mind, working with ‘Soul’ is a big claim, something that won’t be taken seriously.

For my priestess self, working with soul it is exactly what needs to happen. To this part of me, anything else is pointless.

I can’t tell you how much time my inner dialogue has gone around circles of enquiry like ‘but what is Soul?’, ‘Who actually knows?’, ‘How can I prove this?’, ‘What will they think, say?’ in the first 5 years of offering Soul-based Coaching.

Until it became clear that the questions will never go away, will never be answered, no matter how many wisdom traditions you study. Because these are questions that are not meant to be answered by our logical mind. It’s like asking the birds to tell us why cars need gasoline. Our logical minds are simply not qualified to determine ‘truth’ in this domain.

It’s like we’re trying to pin down the unknowable.

What I do know in every cell of my body, as a priestess and person committed to my own spiritual development, is the experience of being in communication with the unknowable. The experience of sinking into connection with the parts of me that transcend time and space. Where there is deep truth, and a lot of potential for healing and growth.

It’s what happens when you are in ceremony. When you have the privilege to sweat together. It can be there when you pray. Or when you do your personal rituals. When you walk in the forest by yourself. When you open yourself to the mystery in your unique way.

And what I also know is that every time I enter into a Soul-based Coaching session, we touch on that layer. Whether a client is ‘into’ spiritual practice or not. We don’t have to give in any words, I don’t determine what it looks or feels like or where we go.

But when I offer the Soul-based coaching riverbed to the unfolding that wants to happen for my client, this layer of Soul just becomes present, becomes part of the field that we work with.

That’s what makes it so powerful and magical. It’s why the work nourishes my own soul as much as my clients.

And you know what? It’s the kind of spiritual work that is not into ‘love & light only’ and spiritual bypassing. It is grounded in the body and its wisdom. So that you do not have to choose between the spiritual and the flesh, between the inspirational high frequencies and the messiness of human life, or between magic and practical results.

This is all connected. One cannot be without the other.

And together they are incredibly powerful.

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