Cognitive Bypassing is fantastic ..

by | Apr 20, 2023

Cognitive bypassing is fantastic..

It is the act of thinking and analysing (including wondering and doubting) and finding the reasoning for how what we are going through makes perfect sense, what we should be doing, what is hard about that, why it hasn’t happened yet – and then some.
It is going ‘meta’ on your process without actually engaging with what is right here, lying at your feet, and contracting in your heart, blocking your throat or hurting your shoulder.

(Because engaging like that requires courage and so many of us don’t know the way in, and we think conceptualising will help. Even very wise and experienced therapists with many happy clients find themselves trapped here at times.)

I’ve engaged in this full on for most of my 20s and 30s (and I still do sometimes) 😅
It was my life line when I was deeply depressed for years. The therapists I saw helped me continue that thread.
It is fantastic.
It works very well and can keep people occupied for large amounts of time, going over all sorts of causes and effects, options and ideas and reframes and stories – making us more aware people in the process – and there is nothing wrong with that.
When we scroll, you can see that a lot of memes come out of this, with useful wisdom, that light up everybody’s timelines (and feed the process of bypassing). It’s kind of a favourite past time for people who are interested in personal growth.


Cognitive bypassing is great, but we also know that this is not where actual, embodied, integrated change comes from.

The wisdom in the IG reel helps us think of a new perspective that helps us, but in a few days, the natural programming takes over again.
If you want to help people go beyond conceptualising and bypassing, you want tools and skills that help them access their own inner knowing.
Their embodied knowing.
Their intuitively inspired knowing.
And the pathway into embodied change.
You want to be able to show people the portal into their own innate capacity for healing and transformation.
Yes, big words.

But they mean that clients can start find the breadcrumbs of healing their own Soul has left for them.
They can enter the inner realm of incredible resourcefulness, and meet their pain, frustration, longing head-on in a magical and almost playful way.
And start to shift and integrate what is waiting to be seen.

Time is to precious to not just go to the core.


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