A different approach to Coaching

by | May 31, 2023

By Mirjam van Ruth | Soul-based Coaching | Microdosing | Conscious Living | Conscious Aging

My mind is super flexible, it can reason itself out of almost every situation, explore different sides with ease, come up with solutions, find new problems ;). A mind like that can be super helpful and it has definitely been so during my working career, and still is for a lot of things.


However at one point I also started seeing its limitations. It wasn’t so easy to decide what I really wanted for myself. What choice was best for me. My mind could argue myself in and out of anything. I started exploring, trying things out, to then see how I felt about it. That started shifting things for me. I started to tap more into my heart and my soul.

Alice in Wonderland

Things changed further, when 2 years ago I decided to join the 1 year Coach training with the Soul-based Coaching Academy. I found myself in another world. It felt like I was Alice in Wonderland; in awe of how different things could be in terms of coaching and being. I feel I did not ‘just’ learn to coach in a completely different way, I felt like I learned to relate differently to myself, to others, to life. I learned ‘to be’. To be with what is, to be more intentional, to be more grounded. I also learned to gently explore the world of my coachee (careful not to influence them with my ideas and interpretations), to hold the space for the other without any judgement, with curiosity, with a sense of playfulness. I learned to drop deep and to surrender to whatever shows up during a session and to create the riverbeds for the other, so they feel held and safe to surrender and explore the depth of their being.

Embodied Change

In Soul-based Coaching we focus on embodied change. In normal coaching sessions people often have insights and these insights are usually on a mind or conceptual level. It happened to me more then once that I had an insight on a mind level and then many months (or even years) later, the penny really dropped and I understood it on a deeper level.

In Soul-based Coaching the insights happen at this deeper level and often the mind is not involved at all. Having these insights at that deeper embodied level, allows the desired change to happen naturally, without any force or effort. There is no need for concrete action steps and another thing on your list of many things you need to do, but a deeply felt sense of how you want yourself to be.


If I try to explain this in metaphor (with which we work a lot in Soul-based Coaching); imagine trying to connect with your inner truth in a busy city, full of distractions, opinions of other people, cultural narratives. And now try to imagine connecting with your inner truth in nature. Do you feel the difference?

Soul-based coaching creates the latter environment, as you go deep within, where its quiet, far away from the busy mind with all its patterns, beliefs and stories.

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Love that you are here! It’s a pleasure to share what I’ve learned in 25 yrs of coaching and teaching coaches since 2006. At the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, the team and me have reached 1000s of coaches, therapists and healers, helping them have phenomenal, embodied results.

On a personal note, I’m a bi-sexual, perimenopausal (read sleep-deprived) self-anointed Priestess who craves the spiritual as much as I do the practical, connecting seeming opposites in true Gemini style – and that is about all I know about astrology.

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