Why we need Soul-based Change

by | Sep 7, 2023

In a world where capitalism asks us to work hard within systems not set up for our collective thriving 

(just how many people live below poverty ‘lines’, or can afford to be (chronically) ill, and who pays the most taxes?)

and where the prevailing idea is that ‘we can make it if we just want it bad enough‘,

(if you are not ‘making it’ then it must be through some fault of your own)

we have all learned to cope to make our everyday life work.


We were taught that rest is a reward that may come after we have earned it.

(and not a basic human need and right)

And that to ‘make it’, we have to sacrifice parts of ourselves that matter deeply, but that are shameful or weak.  

(like the way I always pushed through my moon time, giving myself no ‘excuses’, when my body was clearly needing time to draw inwards. And when in reality the magic of deep self-connection was beckoning me – but sadly I only realised that at the brink of menopause)


It’s even tricky to write this, because my conditioning is telling me to suck it up and get to the point.

But that IS the point.


Our collective world entices us to use survival skills rather than live our full birth right of who we are as human beings.

And as part of that, our ancestors learned to rely on the power of the mind over the body. To do what needs doing.

In the past 50 years, we have started to reclaim the importance of our mental well-being and see more of where we bend ourselves into pretzels to accommodate the systems that we are part of.

We have also started to see the importance of our emotional well-being, and the healing that is possible to feel healthy and enjoy nourishing relationships.

The last 15 years, we have started to reclaim our bodies as the wellspring of life that they are. Acknowledging the impact traumatic experiences have on the body, and the way even intergenerational experiences are passed down to us.


But there is one last part that we need, to be fully alive human beings again 


We need soul.

Soul being the very essence of who we are, incarnated into our bodies.

Our souls are not bound to time and place. They are connected to Source and have access to resourcefulness and possibility that our body, heart and mind will never have.

Our souls know how they want to live outside of our extraction culture, power-over systems.

Our souls have access to ways of healing, growing, changing, that are remarkably effective and powerful, because they encompass all of us, including body and mind.

Without engaging the knowing of our souls, it’s like we are flying blind, and can only eat the packed lunch our mamas gave us – rather than living off the incredible buffet that life has available to us.

So why doesn’t this get talked about very often?

Probably because it sounds somewhat ethereal, unreal, and definitely ‘not practical’.

But that’s because most people do not know how you can incorporate soul in everything you do as a healer, coach or therapist.

(Without dogma, or rules about what soul should be. Because everybody has their own experience of this, be that consciously or subconsciously.)


In Soul-based Coaching, we offer an effective, proven skillset that helps people get very tangible results in healing and change work. No matter what specific question the client wants to work with.

(Write the book they’ve been procrastinating? Get the new website up? Heal their relationship with their mother or inner child? Find a new job? Quit smoking?)

Being able to work with soul connection means that you can start at the heart of the client’s system, help it connect to all the resources it has, and activate the client’s innate capacity for healing and embodied change.

It’s being able to work directly with the fabric that creates our clients’ reality.

Going for the smallest interventions with the biggest results.

While being like a midwife to your clients’ processes. Because we are here to serve their unfolding, and not to hamper or dictate it.


That is why we need Soul.

Because it is time that we reclaim all of who we are.

To live lives that normalise and include thriving.

And to contribute to the collective future where every-body gets to thrive.  

And that time is now.



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