The force that shapes you

by | Nov 7, 2023

When you want to support others make changes in their lives, this is an important question:

What actually shapes us?


Let’s start with the age old question: is it fate or is it you?

Are we victims of circumstance or controllers of our universe?

Well what if it’s not an either/or, but a both/and:

Circumstances and systems we are born into impact our daily lived reality – if we ignore that, for example for the sake of being ‘in high vibration’, we are no longer grounded in our bodies and the wisdom of our bodies.

And we could forget that this world needs us to advocate change where dynamics and systems are harmful for us or others.


We are so much more powerful than we realise in (co)creating our lives.

I say co-creating, because we are not separate from life. And it’s obvious whenever I’m in a Soul-based Coaching session: we are all supported by forces that are not just ‘us’, our consciously operating self.

For one, there is the force of the imaginal cells of butterflies. Maybe you know this, but when a caterpillar is in his cocoon, his cells turn to a mush, but there is an intelligence in each of the cells that holds the vision, the blueprint, for what is to become.

We have imaginal powers too. Not just because we can dream up interesting visions with our minds.

It’s so much more than that!

There is an intelligence in us, that wants to become. That calls us forward. Some people call it the whisper of their Soul.

We call it Shakti.

When you learn to listen to it, and tend to it, it becomes a powerful flow of creative energy.

Actually the most potent source of energy we have.

And one that isn’t constricted by existing patterns and systems in the same way as our mind and emotions are.

Shakti connects us to a much wider field of what’s possible. The places where we are whole and still know the full potential of being human.

And to our own unique ‘grand plan’.

It’s like finally plugging into the source energy that we are made of.

A huge relief.

And a very organic journey.

And when you learn to guide that journey, it makes you a midwife of change (m/f/gn), rather than an orchestrator, gym trainer, challenger or cheer leader.

You become a midwife that helps birth the better future, one person, one step at a time.


That’s why Paloma White, one of our coaches, sent me this message a few days ago:

I’m exclaiming out loud to myself after every session “I have the best job in the world!

This work has brought me daily soul nourishment. An incredibly rich and personally rewarding activity that happens to be the way I earn my living. It gives me the serenity that comes from doing something that is exquisitely aligned with my passion and talent for being attuned and sensitive to the creative, energetic and spiritual dimensions of life and for holding space for people’s healing, growth, and evolution.”

And Corinne Konrad Calder said:

Soul-based Coaching has provided me with the skills to support people through uncertain and chaotic times in a way that honours each persons unique essence and rhythm. The best is that I can do this meaningful and transformative work online and from anywhere in the world – that’s a freedom I cherish!”

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On a personal note, I’m a bi-sexual, perimenopausal (read sleep-deprived) self-anointed Priestess who craves the spiritual as much as I do the practical, connecting seeming opposites in true Gemini style – and that is about all I know about astrology.

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