So why the Feminine in coaching? 

So glad you asked 🙂 

We are so very familiar with the Masculine paradigm in our world (and I’m not talking gender). The aspects of goal-orientation, of mind-over-body, of the idea that we can and should take control of and determine the outcomes of life. Of straight, angular, predictableness. 

Coaching as a profession stems from that realm.

It comes from: analyse what is wrong, then put together a plan to fix it, and then muscle through with commitment and accountability until you reach your goal. 

But life has a whole other side to it as well: the Feminine paradigm. And much like yin & yang, one isn’t complete without the other. 

The Feminine paradigm brings chaos (as the birthplace of potential), feeling over thinking, emergence, darkness (where all seeds start life), connection, relationship, nurturing and giving birth. 

Trying to make change happen without the Feminine is a bit like trying to make the grass grow by pulling at it. 

When you include the Feminine in coaching, what you do is watering the patch, making sure there is enough light, sunshine, possibly natural fertiliser and lots of confirmation and love. And then you see if it’s grass that wants to grow, or, whether this is a patch of Earth where the most beautiful dandelions grow. 

And yes, I’ve picked them on purpose, because a lot of people think of them as weeds. When in fact, they also are: a prime food source for our bees who struggle, nourishing food, and have powerful herbal qualities for us humans. 

Whereas the desire for grass mostly comes from thinking that nature should be ordered and organised. 

If you know that the metaphorical dandelions are actually much more exciting and wholesome for your clients and our wider world, than the Feminine in Coaching is for you. 

Especially when you know that including the Feminine in coaching means that better results happen much more quickly and easefully.

In this 8-week training, we share how you can start to use the Masculine as a supportive structure, so that the Feminine, life’s creative energy, can start to birth the changes that are waiting to happen for your client. 

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