Truth in Coaching

by | May 16, 2023

There is little objective truth in the world

There is little objective truth, except in things like:


  • a living wage needing to be more than minimum wage is,
  • the fact that people like Jeff Bezos hoard more resources than they need to over the backs of others (employees, suppliers, clients),
  • the fact that life is not the same without unearned privilege (like being white, educated, male, healthy, being cisgendered, heterosexual and young-ish)
  • and the fact that there is going to be an unliveable earth when climate change spirals out of control. (But when that is, how that happens, how we can stop that, is a lot of ground to cover that has nowhere near the same amount of truth to it.)

For most other things, my truth and your truth may be very different and yet they may both be very valid. So what does truth mean in coaching? When your truth might not be that relevant for your clients and you don’t want to squash your client’s more relevant truth with your own just because that’s what you are used to?

Luckily, there is a personal truth, that is very clearly guiding each and every one of us throughout our life. That guides your clients. Let’s look at that and how it can provide the guiding light for your client sessions. Change becomes a lot less hard work when clients can swim downstream, following their inner current of deep (soul) truth.


There is truth that comes from the realm of our minds.


This is the truth in convictions we hold. Constructs that we have picked up somewhere along the line, that may support us, or may hold us back.

As a Soul-based Coach, we are interested in these mind-based truths, we notice them, but they don’t set the direction for the work. (Sure, we can do mindset work, but any work is going to be much more effective when we work from the deepest truth of our client.)


Then there’s truth that comes through the body.


Clear information about our boundaries. About what we desire. But also learned truth through trauma, big and small. There are parts of our body that are left in old stories that feel like truth.

As a coach, we honour this body truth and notice what we need to come back to while the change process is underway. In this way, a new change can be 100% aligned and not held back by old parts that are now becoming outdated. And the medicine, the wisdom in those older parts can be integrated and released rather than trying to erase of overwrite them.


And then there’s truth that comes from our soul.


That truth often has a timelessness to it. It has a ‘rightness’, a very clear knowing to it. It is a truth that is felt deeply. A knowing that transcends the mind’s knowing. When you experience it, you immediately know the difference. It doesn’t come with a lot of words. The words that come have deep roots, no matter what emotions may be involved. It feels coherent in the body. As a coach, you can even see the difference when your client taps into this level of knowing.
That truth is what we teach you to help your clients find within themselves. That is what sets our session’s direction.
And it is where magic can start to happen: change starting from within, carried by the clients own inner resources, their innate capacity for healing and change. And those are the most powerful resources available to us.
So, it’s not our job to look at truth or define truth on behalf of clients (except in situations of abuse or self-harm).
It’s our job as Soul-based Coaches to help clients connect to their deepest truth. And then help them bring all parts of themself in alignment with THAT truth, while integrating the medicine and messages from the parts that held a different truth till now. That brings very effective and embodied change.
This requires a nimbleness and an ability to hold all truths lightly. Even the ones that we may cling to for ourselves! And it’s just one part of the incredible freedom that you find when you learn to be a Soul-based Coach.
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